Effective Guide to Remove [email protected] Completely

Effective Guide to Remove [email protected] Completely
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“I am using a Windows PC and yesterday it was attacked by [email protected]. After that all my files and folder get encrypted also there extension are replaced with some weird one. I tried my best to remove it but i didn’t get success. I need my files back, they are very important. What can i do to remove [email protected] ? Can i get my files back?”


Information about [email protected]

[email protected] is a rogue computer program which is categorized as a ransomware by experts. It is a risky computer threat which is developed by some cyber criminals and the main purpose of developing this program is to generate revenue by misleading and scaring novice users. The threat has infected many computer lately and spreading very fast from one computer to another using their resources. To sneak into any computer it doesn’t need the permission of th users, it secretly get installed on the system and start performing its harmful activity. Once it get access into the system, its first work is to encrypt all the files and folders stored on that system and in some cases it also change the extension of the encrypted files with some weird names which you never heard about. After that when user try to access their files then a message will pop-up which stat to pay ransom if you want to decrypt your files. It also gives a time limit to pay the ransom until it will delete all the files. From this sudden encryption users get shocked and in order to get their files back they select to pay the ransom. But as suggested by experts paying the ransom is not a solution to get the files back because it is a trick of hackers to make money and the files remains encrypted even after paying the ransom.

Scan Your PC To Remove [email protected]

How [email protected] get access into the PC?

Many users have no idea when and how the [email protected] invade their system. It can get inside the computer via many ways. There are many resource through which it can be spreaded. The most common way through which infiltrates the system is free downloading of application from unknown sites. The threat comes bundled with those free program and when users install the program this virus also get installed with that. Secondly these kinds of threat are hidden in some hacked website, so when user visit those website then the threat get a chance to infiltrate the PC. Apart from that fake updates, spam email attachments, pop-ups are also some resources through which the threat is promoted.

Symptoms of [email protected] malware on the system

  • It encrypts all the files and change their extensions
  • It pop-up a message demanding ransom to decrypt the files
  • It installs several kind of unwanted program on the PC
  • It slows down the normal process of the system
  • It redirects users toward several unsafe sites

How to avoid [email protected]

In order to avoid the invasion of [email protected] users should be very careful when they are surfing Internet. Before opening any spam or other email try to verify the sender and after opening it read properly the content of the mail. Users are suggested to keep their anti-virus up to date because outdated security program cannot defend any malware attack. As this threat encrypt the files and never decrypt it so users are suggested to have a regular backup of their important data.


Remove [email protected] manually from your PC

Start your computer in safe mode with networking

For Windows XP, 7 and Vista users

  • Go to the start menu and and click on the shut down button
  • After that click on restart and then OK
  • During the start-up process continuously press the F8 button
  • You will get Windows advance option menu
  • Select safe mode with networking option from the menu

For Windows 8 users

  • Go to the Windows 8 start-up screen
  • In the search option type advance then select settings
  • Then click on advance startup option from the general PC setting Window
  • After that Select advance startup and tap on the restart now button
  • Once your computer start in advance start-up options menu then click on startup settings
  • Now click on restart button to get Startup Settings screen
  • Press F5 to start in safe mode with networking

Stop Processes Related to [email protected] in Windows Task Manager

For Windows 7,Vista and XP

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open task manager
  • Click on the process tab
  • End the malicious processes in the Processes tab

For Windows 8

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously to open task manager
  • After that click on the more details
  • Scroll down to end the malicious process related to [email protected]


Remove [email protected] automatically 

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