Remove pop-up

Remove pop-up
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scam-screenshot pop-up is an extremely harmful adware that will show fake alert to mislead the PC users that their PC gets infected with different type of malicious viruses. After it get injected into your computer, the virus is capable to alter your browser setting and redirect its user to some unwanted web pages whenever you surfing the Internet. The threat can create problem for all the commonly-used browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Bing, Opera, Safari. It is seen that whenever you open your browser, pop-up will display fake warning that mislead you that your PC get infected with virus. It state that your desktop is flooded with adware or malware.

After this virus get penetrated your desktop can harm you in so many ways. First it will lock your desktop and show different ads while you surfing. It can infiltrate your computer with the help of spam email attachments. Whenever you familiar with this threat , never believe on information by pop-up. You will be asked to call the free number to get their paid support service to uninstall the infection It may also possible that this threat can enters in the user desktop with the help of third-party software that is downloaded from an untrusted websites. It may also possible that the virus can insert other malicious program in your computer that can create other problems too. Your computer speed will degraded rapidly and ultimately stop working. Also you will face redirection issue whenever you visit some sites. So it is highly recommended that if this adaware infected your computer system, remove pop-up very quickly.

Scan Your PC To Remove pop-up

How pop-up Enters Into PC? pop-up is mostly enters in the PC by downloading free applications such as video players, toolbars, download managers, flash player from the site like softonic, Cnet, or other websites. It is bundled with these software and it is not so esy to know how this threat are installed in the computer without your knowledge. The threat also inserted into the computer system through different ads and advertisements platforms on the browsers screen. Junk email attachments, spam email attachments, online shopping sites, peer-to-peer networks and social networks are the are the ways through which it enter your PC.

Consequences of pop-up

  • pop up will display a lot of ads and banners.
  • It may steal your crucial data from your system and causes big financial loss.
  • Different extensions, toolbars, add-ons will be added to your web browsers.
  • Causes lower performance of computer.
  • Capable of altering the web browsers setting.
  • Redirect your search to its sponsored websites to generate web traffic to make money.

How To Remove pop-up Manually

Manually Remove pop-up From Control Panel :

From Windows 7/XP :

Click on Start
Then select Control Panel
In Control Panel, under Program option click on the Uninstall a program
From the list of installed program find pop-up and use Uninstall/Change button to uninstall.

From Windows 10 and Windows 8 :

Find the windows and right click on lower left corner of the monitor
From the Quick Access Menu select Control Panel
From the window choose Programs and Features
Find pop-up and click Uninstall/Change button

Remove Suspicious or Malicious browser extensions from Internet Browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla FirefoxManually

From Internet Explorer :

ON Internet Explorer and click Tools or gear icon
Select Manage Add-ons
After finding the malicious add-on then remove it.
To take the settings again restart Internet Explorer

From Google Chrome :

Open Google Chrome and click on wrench or three horizontal bar.
Choose More Tools or Tools → Extensions
From the list of running extensions locate SpaceSoundPro and click on Trash can icon
To complete the process restart the browser

From Mozilla Firefox :

Launch Firefox and to display menu bar press Alt + f together and after that click on Add-ons → Extensions
Choose the unknown extension and click on Disable/Remove button to remove them from browser
To accomplish the change restart the browser

If you have not successfully remove the adware then no need to worry so much as with the help automatic free scanner you can easily and safely remove the pop-up and other malicious virus. Not only this but this software has other features too.

User Guide Of Automatic Free Scanner

Step 1 : First install ‘Automatic Removal Tool’. and then select “Start Scan” option to evoke scan process.


Step 2 :It will safely and quickly scan the computer system and then it will display all the virus detected in the computer.


Step 3 : Custom Scan – It enables the users to scan only the particular drive, files of the system such as rootkits, cookies, memory, registry etc.


Step 4 : System Guard – It is an unique feature of this tool which provides outer protection to the system from several other PC threats.


Step 5 : Network Sentry – This feature is capable of blocking all the changes or modifications done via unauthorized access.


Step 6 : Scan Scheduler – It scans the PC at defined pre-set time even when the user is away from the PC.


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