6 Ways To Prevent Ransomware Attack (Effective Tutorial)

6 Ways To Prevent Ransomware Attack (Effective Tutorial)
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How To Prevent Ransomware Attack

Well, 2016 seems to be the year of Ransomware as they have created havoc all around the world. From hospital extortions to Mac Ransomware and so on, cyber crooks have spared nothing! This infectious malware gives attackers an way to access your system, encrypt personal data and then demands ransom amount to decrypt. Ransomware is one of the most vicious threats that you will ever encounter. Whether you are a normal PC user or a reputed firm, anyone can fall victims of ransomware virus. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive measures to restrict ransomware attacks. Go through the following 6 Effective Ways To Prevent Ransomware Attack which surely help you:

Ways To Prevent Ransomware Attack

  • Backup Your Data

One of the most important and effective tip to Prevent Ransomware Attack is to backup all your essential data. In case of ransomware attack, you would have a way to recover your data without paying the ransom amount to cyber crooks. However, just connecting an external hard disk or backup to a network share is not adequate. Because modern ransomware like Locky and CryptoFortress will eventually find and encrypt any storage location where you have write privileges, even if those locations are unassigned on your system. To battle out this situation, keep your backup copies of data offline to avoid the threat.

  • Stop Ransomware From Crossing The Network Perimeter

Ransomware intrusion method is very common it is mostly delivered via unauthorized downloads through your browser. Sometimes unauthorized downloads can also exploit unpatched browser plugins to install ransomware without your concern. Even more alarming, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in famous webpages can force your browser to load a malicious site, even without your consent. Your network perimeter is an excellent place to block an assault and Prevent Ransomware Attack before it can cause damage. Network-based antivirus scanning programs and APT can recognize and block suspicious payloads before they have any chance to reach you.

  • Prevent Other Infiltration Methods Such as Phishing

Ransomware like locky infiltrate into system via infected clients such as a malicious attachments files on phishing emails. Ransomware are so mischievous that they install itself through macros in a malicious Word document disguised as an invoice. Therefore, you must implement an email anti-spam solution which will help in stopping phishing scams which proposed to deliver ransomware. By using an anti-spam service, you can limit the amount of phishing emails that appear in the inbox and Prevent Ransomware Attack.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

  • Do Not Forget Your Own Clients(Anti-virus Programs)

Endpoint protection is not new in the world of information security. Even an antivirus signature-based scanner can help catch ransomware obvious signs. As an example, the ransomware called VIRLOCK uses polymorphic code (code that mutates while retaining the original algorithms) to avoid signature-based detection. If the behavior of suspicious ransomware matches, heuristic-based protection can block it before it can do any damage and therefore you’ll be able to Prevent Ransomware Attack.

  • Patch Early And Patch Regularly

Unauthorized downloads can be launched from Infectious websites loaded using cross-site scripting attacks or through advertising campaigns in legitimate websites. These attacks often depend on unpatched browser plugins for success. Well, if you do regular updates, it can play a decisive role to protect your system and Prevent Ransomware Attack. Ransomware likes to exploit unpatched versions of Flash and Java to run malicious code. The simple installation of updates is the simplest step you can take up to prevent ransomware attacks.

  • Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way

Ransomware attacks are largely not involved directly, it infects system through phishing emails in bulk or via unauthorized downloads. Therefore, it is essential to educate the workforce so the business does not end up losing thousands of dollars in paying ransom amount. After all, it is the user who opens a spam attachment file or visits malicious link. This makes user education the most important facet protecting from ransomware attack. You need to be aware of the possible consequences of clicking on infectious links. You have to realize the demanding nature of annoying application update notifications and Prevent Ransomware Attack.

As already mentioned, the backup is important, but it is even more important to understand and use these tactics to prevent ransomware attack. To recognize a ransomware can be the difference between continuing your browsing experience normally or end up encrypting your files.

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