Be Aware of SATANA ransomware : Learn How To Delete SATANA ransomware Completely From PC

Be Aware of SATANA ransomware : Learn How To Delete SATANA ransomware Completely From PC
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SecureCrypted extension ransomware

Belonging to the ransomware family, SATANA ransomware has been characterized as a stubborn infection for the PC created with the combination of Petya and MISCHA ransomware-type virus. It has been designed with the primary objective of silently proliferating inside the PC and then encrypting user’s crucial files. This threat most usually infects the computer system with Windows OS installed in it. It is a severe threat for the PC which during encryption modifies the name of each encrypted file to the below mentioned format :

[email protected]_[original file name].

Now following the complete encryption SATANA ransomware generates pop-up message informing users that their files have been encrypted. The same message also get displayed in !satana!.txt, created and placed in each folder containing encrypted files by this ransomware itself. Along with this the message also states that in order to make the encrypted files accessible again victims are required to pay certain amount of ransom money. Regarding that purpose they are urges to contact cyber criminals via a provided email address i.e., banetnatia(@), provided in the message itself. Apart from all this threatening is also given to the users that in a case if they tried any other method to get rid of the issue, then in that situation their files will get encrypted on a permanent basis and then they will never be able to access them back.

Ransom-demand message:

Screenshot from 2016-06-28 14:55:20

Furthermore this ransomware steals the user’s personal stuff and transmit it to the online hackers for bad purpose. It injects numerous additional malware infections inside the PC without seeking the user’s approval.

SATANA ransomware in order to make proliferation inside the PC makes utilization of numerous deceptive tricks and techniques. Mostly it penetrates along with the installation of corrupted and cheaper softwares, opening junk email attachments, surfing several pornographic websites, tapping several suspicious ads or links displaying on the screen at the time of browsing, transferring files with the help of infectious removable storage devices, unverified file sharing, downloading pirated softwares, playing online games, not running new updated version of antivirus programs in the system, upgrading OS installed in the PC on an irregular basis etc.

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SATANA ransomware Is Dangerous :

  1. It encrypts the user’s files and then demands ransom money from the users.
  2. It modifies the system’s boot settings and replace the ‘Master Boot Record’ with a vicious loader.
  3. It sniffs the user’s confidential information and transfer it to the online criminals for vicious purpose.
  4. It drops numerous other keyloggers Trojans and worms to the computer system without the user’s consent.
  5. SATANA ransomware removes the vital system files and degrades the PC’s performance.
  6. It in order to prevent it’s detection onto the targeted PC automatically updates it’s components.
  7. It sometimes disable the installed antivirus and turn off the Windows firewall.
  8. It stops the users from opening programs and prohibits them from accessing the Internet.

Hence, in order to stay away from such kind of undesired encryption issues and to perform normal PC operation, an urgent uninstallation of SATANA ransomware is required. For accomplishing that target it is suggested to execute the set of instructions listed below as it has been proven that via implementation one can surely uninstall almost every type of malware infections from the PC.

Manual Method To Remove SATANA ransomware From Windows 10:

Step 1 : How To Uninstall SATANA ransomware From Control Panel

  • First of all open Windows logo Control Panel option appearing on the screen.


  • Next choose Control Panel option and make selection of an program option. This will display the list of all the installed programs that are on the computer system.


  • Further select the suspicious programs and uninstall it from the computer system.


  • Now click on the uninstall button to uninstall it.
  • After the completion, restart the computer system to terminate the process.

Step 2 : Eliminate SATANA ransomware from Task Manager

  • First of all terminate all the running processes required to open the Windows Task Manager via pressing ALT+CTRL+Del. This can also get done through Start → Run and type “taskmgr”.


  • Now once the Task Manager get open, move to “process” tab.
  • Further select the executable processes and tap on “End Process” button for pausing the running processes.

Choose End process

Step 3 : Remove SATANA ransomware From Windows Registry

  • Open registry by typing “regedit” in command prompt.


  • Alternatively one can also simply open it by “Start → Run and type “regedit”.
  • Now as it open once, users need to find out all the corrupt registry entities and delete SATANA ransomware from the computer system.

If the execution of above discussed instructions worked out in eliminating SATANA ransomware from the PC, excellent otherwise it is strongly recommended to do not worry at all. Instead of that just opt for ‘Free Scanner Tool’. This tool do have a very simple and interactive user interface. It being embedded with numerous powerful and advance algorithmic skills performs a deep scanning of the PC and detects the locations of even those infections whose locations are not even traced by all the most popular system security programs. Furthermore it in order to provide complete protection to the user’s PC, locks it’s front gate.

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