Belonard Trojan Is Causing Severe Damage To PC

Cyber criminals are using sophisticated technique to fulfill their devil intention. Belonard Trojan is a latest example of their malicious creation which can cause several damage on targeted computer. Cyber crooks are using this trojan as a weapon to target PC user’s all over the world. Similar to any other malicious threat, it is also capable to run different kind of harmful activities in the system but the most scary one is data harvesting. It clearly means that the main motive of offenders is not to damage the computer, their main target is to obtain personal data of victim. The trojan has targeted lots of PC’s and according to researchers, a new version of this threat is on its way.

The Malicious Capabilities Of Belonard Trojan

According to security reports, Belonard Trojan contains eleven different component. The infection is capable to run these components according to the situation of infected computer. Once it become active on the system, it runs its first component which is data obtaining. This component is designed to extract important information from the infected PC. The data harvested by this trojan can be categorized in two types :

  • Personal information : In this type the malware try to extract information about the owner of infected system. Such information may include name of administrator, phone number, address, ID’s, online banking information and more.
  • System information : This category include data related to the compromised system. The information obtained include hardware and software installed on the PC, IP address, operating system, user’s settings, language and many more.

Once Belonard Trojan collect these information, it communicate with command and control server of cyber criminals and upload the data immediately. With the help of personal information the hackers can cheat user’s and download the appropriate version of other malware using the system information.

Belonard Trojan Target Counter Strike 1.6 Players

As revealed by security analyst, Belonard Trojan use vulnerabilities of Counter Strike game to infect PC. Released information says that the trojan target those user’s who have installed Counter Strike 1.6 game on their computer. most of the time user is responsible of any kind of malware attack on their system, but in this case if the trojan attacks computer there is no user’s fault. The trojan easily inject in the system whenever user connects a server after which they get redirected towards a malicious website. It has been seen that system get infected by Belonard Trojan if user download Counter Strike 1.6 game from unreliable source.

Using this infection, hackers are creating Botnet on large scale to target more and more system. In addition, the infection also install a component which works like a shield and help it to avoid its removal from the infected PC by making changes in the settings. Generally it comes via malicious sites, fake update, pirated version of game and spam email. User’s are suggested to follow security steps to protect their system from this threat. In order to remove Belonard Trojan, user a strong anti-malware will require.

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