Best Solution To Remove Backdoor.Minzen!gen

Best Solution To Remove Backdoor.Minzen!gen
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Backdoor.Minzen!gen is a new detection in the Trojan category which belongs to the dangerous and infamous Backdoor.Minzen family. According to a recent research on cyber security, trojan infection has been reported by number of user around the world for creating chaos on their computer. Researcher consider this threat to be developed by some experience cyber criminals because it has invaded such PC which was already protected. It is designed so that it start copying itself automatically in different drive of compromised computer. As a consequence, it become very difficult to detect and delete this threat. After successful execution, the trojan start a series of malicious and harmful activities which can cause serious damage to the PC. However, it is not easy to remove it but if you let it stay in your system then its result would be devastating.

Technical detail of Backdoor.Minzen!gen

  • Type : Trojan
  • Detected on : February 8, 2017
  • Updated on : February 9
  • System affected : All Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Infection length : Varies
  • MD5 : 684687385486a60162e94cc4e8ee57a3
  • Distribution : Worldwide

What are the dangerous effects of Backdoor.Minzen!gen?

After being executed in the system, Backdoor.Minzen!gen will modify the computer setting and inject its executable file in startup folder which give it the privilege to start automatically as the system get booted. As the consequence of system setting modification, user’s will notice several weird activities on their system. If the threat exist on your system then it make you unable to use any function of your computer properly. You will notice that all the application run slow or either refuse to open. Not only this, you will also get difficulty while connecting Internet to your PC. The trojan run lots of useless process which consume more resource and give you extremely slow PC. Different antivirus vendor has identified this threat with different name. Such as :

  • Backdoor/Poison.evja
  • Artemis!984673854366
  • Win32/Autoit.IK.Gen
  • UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic
  • TR/Virtool.DelfInject.1299

Backdoor.Minzen!gen poses privacy and security risk

Backdoor.Minzen!gen also block the security software of the compromised computer such as antivirus of firewall. It not only invite other threat but also allow malicious connection to get inside your PC. As the name suggest, open a backdoor in the infected system which allow cyber criminals to attack the PC remotely and execute several malicious task. It connect the infected computer to TCP port 8310 and also connect to one of the following remote locations:

  • [http://]
  • [http://]
  • [http://]
  • [http://]
  • [http://]
  • [http://]

After connecting system to above location, Backdoor.Minzen!gen start getting instruction from criminals and execute it. With the help of this trojan, remote criminals can steal your personal data, delete your important files, install remote access trojan etc. So if you don’t want to let this happen then remove Backdoor.Minzen!gen now.

Intrusion strategies of Backdoor.Minzen!gen

Backdoor.Minzen!gen not only provide entry point to hackers, but also offer different types of intrusion strategies. Some of them are Port binding, Legitimate platform abuse, spam email attachment, software bundling etc. So it is necessary for us to take precautionary measures to prevent attack of such threat. First of all you have to enable firewall on the system which blocks all the malicious entry. In addition, always be careful while opening any email attachment or installing free application. Because both are the known ways of trojan distribution.

Removal instruction of Backdoor.Minzen!gen

There are two ways through which Backdoor.Minzen!gen can be eliminated from the infected PC. You can remove it either manually or automatically. To remove it manually you can follow the below given manual steps :

Step 1: Restart PC in Safe Mode with Networking

  • Click on Start button > click Shutdown button.
  • After that click on the Restart and click OK.
  • Continue pressing F8 key once your PC become active.
  • It launch the Advanced Boot Options window.

Step 2 : Stop malicious process From Task Manager

  • Press Windows + R button simultaneously.
  • It will open the run box on your screen
  • Now type “taskmgr”, click on the OK button.
  • In Process tab and select malicious process
  • Click on End process tab

Step 3 : Delete malicious registry from Registry Editor

  • Open Run window, type regedit and press enter.
  • Here you will get malicious registry related with trojan
  • Delete them to get rid of Backdoor.Minzen!gen

If you are unable to remove the trojan manually then don’t worry. You can remove Backdoor.Minzen!gen automatically with the help of Free-scanner tool.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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