Black Friday 2018 Tricks Customers To Provide Personal Detail

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Cyber crime is on rise and Black Friday 2018 is one of the latest cyber offense. However Black Friday is considered as an opportunity user’s can grab deal but it also give a chance to cyber crooks to steal personal data. According to security report, there are numerous of Black Friday websites and apps are ready to steal collect personal data as well as credit card information of customers. These bogus website and apps attract customers by providing number of interesting deals like limited time offer, minimum price, prize on shopping and more. Many customer can’t ignore these attracting deals and falls victim of such fraud. As published by a security firm, lots of Black Friday apps and websites were found malicious.

What Are The Signs Of Black Friday Online Scam?

Everyone wants to grab Black Friday deal but there are high chance that you become victim of this scam while hunting for deals. Cyber criminal use lots of sophisticated and new technique to hunt users. Customer get so excited after seeing these deals that they can’t see the difference between legitimate and illegitimate. Here are some major signs which help you identify the Black Friday online scam :

  • Scammers use shady gift coupons or cards to lure users. If you find a deal that offer huge amount then be careful. Such gift card scam can trick lots of money from you. It should be better if you directly purchase gift card or coupon from store or retailer.
  • Be aware of deals that too cheap in compare with other discount. These kind of deals are designed to trap you because a legitimate deal can only provide free delivery option or provide less than 20% discount.
  • Cyber crook also design spam email scam to get clicks from users. You can get a legitimate looking email with logo or name of legitimate shopping brand. Clicking on links of such email will lead you to third party site which may be infected with virus on your system.

Expert never advise to do hurry when you see a best deal, first make sure the app or site offering such deals are legitimate or not. In case if you accidentally click on phishing link then immediately disconnect Internet, run your anti-virus and check your online account.

Protection Against Black Friday Online Scam

Cyber crimes are so common that if you take a wrong step then you can easily become the victim. As a customer we must follow security measures to remain protected from Black Friday and other Internet fraud. Below are some tips by following which you can stay safe from such scams :

  • Cyber crooks well know how to invade public Wi-Fi. Therefore it should be better if you avoid purchasing over public Wi-Fi.
  • Always shop through trusted and verified websites. It is a good way to dodge scam deal and protect your personal data.
  • Try to pay using credit card, check app before downloading and always monitor your online transaction.

By following these safety method you can protect yourself from online fraud and also enjoy the deals of Black Friday.

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