Deadly Ransomware : Complete Removal Guide


A new variant of ransomware is detected by the malware researcher known as Deadly Ransomware. It was discovered in October 2016 and since then it has targeted many computer. It is really a deadly infection which can easily destroy any computer. According to a recent security report, this ransomware was set to attack PC and encrypt files on 1st January 2017. this is really a surprising thins because most of the ransomware and other infection are designed to encrypt data as quick as possible. It is one of those virus which use the AES-256 encryption algorithm to lock data of the infected PC. So it is not easy to get the decryption key after trying a lot. After infiltrating your computer it runs its malicious process which scans your system and search for some certain file extension. Once it get that file which is according to its targeted file extension then it will encrypt it.


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FUD Stampado Ransomware sold by Hacker just $39

Recently the news get spread that Stampado Ransomware is being sold by the Hackers just for $39 on the Dark Net. This low price bit clears the scenario that the hackers are not interested in earning profit rather that it just aimed to let this malware spread their malicious creativity.

FUD Stampado Ransomware sold by Hacker just $39

The Dark Net is as commonly known and been seen for promoting illegal products such as drugs, weapons, fake Ids and lot more and recently discovered news by the researchers conveyed that it is now selling the new setup of ransomware at just $39 with the claim that it is totally undetectable. Heimdal Security’s person Andra Zaharia has recently posted the screen-shot displaying that this particular Ransomware is fully Undetectable (FUD) which you can also get via Email in the form of extensions such as .cmd, .exe, .bat, .dll and .scr. The warning is also been noticed by the hacker that the file must no be scanned by the VirusTotal.

Stampado functions are not much different from that of the other hazardous ransomware as it encrypts the victim’s file and appends its name with the .locked extension at the end and the demands the ransom for exchanging the decryption key of that particular encrypted file. It is warned to the victim that if the ransom is not being pain within 96 hours then the encrypted file will be deleted and cannot be recovered again. One of the most interesting as well as disastrous point is that it itself get installed in the user’s system even without the permission and as Stampado installs the files get locks soon and the message of ransom gets generate.

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“No More Ransom” Saying No to Ransom-A measure taken to prevent from paying Ransom

The initiative took place holding a very clear goal to prevent the victims from paying any ransom in the July 25 only and aimed to help the users infected by this hazardous malware. In UN and that of Europe there is still no legal actions made for this very claim that will prohibit the cybercrimes related to paying random and all. But according to the cyber experts, the matter is beyond legal consideration as the demanded ransom must not be paid at any cost as feeding the cybercriminals and let them to have a needy platform to build a strong strain of such crimes is more that just a hazardous act to the society.


Recently, the European Cybercrime Center, Police of Netherlands and the two well known cybersecurity labs known as Kaspersky Lab abd Intel Security finally declared the anti-ransom portal “” to provide a safe field for the battle started with that ransomware infection. This particular team also confirmed that they are moving in the right direction as they have uncovered a big shaded gang of ransomware and now they are going to release from them free decryptor key approx 160,000 users infected by this nasty malware.

Ransomware is such a nasty malware belongs to a well known threatening family of virus that use to encrypt your file and and further send you the alerts holding a message of demanding ransom might be in the form of bitcoins. But researchers and experts strictly advised not to pay any kind of ransom in any situation as it will only ensure you that the particular infected ransomware is working or not but there is no surety to restore your encrypted file back safely. The hackers generally use strong algorithm to encrypt the victim’s file and generally claims that to exchange the decryption key with the demanded bitcoins.

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A well known small team of software “Lavians” are highlighted for its offer of packaging Browser Hijacker with its legitimate software. This team use to offers several newly launched free software along with threat of the malicious coded hijacker that is well capable of infiltrating your system and letting it compromise with the malicious code embedded in the those software(drivers and other utilities). Browser Hijacker

Researchers from Intel and Mcfee security have found this malware threat with the applications those packed by the Lavians Inc with a clean view so that it must look free of suspicion and can target the system with a high risk. Intel says, most of the malicious data are in the form of driver utilities and pose a name like HP DESKJET F4580 Driver Utility Setup, Acer Aspire ONE ZG5 Drivers Utility Setup, etc. Latest version of this malware is capable of affecting almost all kind of commonly used browsers such including Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari and others. It generally redirects your browsing page to some of the site unusually than other hijackers to the page which offers expensive products. The users are needless said not to purchase these legitimate shown applications as once you install the software from that Lavians, you will not even notice and your system will be compromised with this malware.

Despite of having name, there is nothing related with that of the Bing Search engine of Microsoft. It seems sometimes unbearable that having quite a big issue of using similar name Microsoft hasn’t taken any of the action in case to take down the domain. And one of the most interesting part is yet to uncover that it for sure redirects your browsing site but to the page that offers you to purchase some very expensive products and after purchasing them you are told to be get out of this mess.

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TCP Flaw in Linux Allows the Hackers to Access the Internet Remotely

If you are active on Internet, you are at risk to be attacked by several vulnerable remotely accessed threats. And if you are using Linus operating system you got be aware of these malicious activities. TCP also known as Transmission Control Protocol implementation in all the system holding Linux discovered a serious vulnerable Internet threat since in the year 2012 (version 3.6 and above of Linux kernel), they use Linux directly.

TCP Flaw in Linux

TCP Flaw in Linux

Linux is one of the most common Operating System used widely now a days. Almost all common users are operating Linux the Internet, from web servers to a smartphone users, tablet holders and even for smart TVs. While operating Internet you must be aware as networking threats are quite moving in your surroundings only all the times. Whenever you launch your browser, you are at risk to be trapped from several vulnerable attacks.

Researchers have discovered that a high risk threatening Internet flaw which if once exploited could be very hazardous and could allow the hackers terminate the connection of the two communicating vulnerable machines. It may inject notorious codes into those unencrypted communicating systems. Its just the topmost view of this scenario as it can even forcefully terminate the connections that are encrypted by HTTP and and degrade the privacy of the secured connections. It is even capable of threatening the anonymity of Tor upto an extent by redirecting them to certain malicious relays. The evicted flaw actually exists in the designing and the implementation of Request for Comments: 5961 (RFC 5961) which is newly introduced Internet standard that is designed with the aim to to make the TCP more robust against those of the attacks from the hacker’s side.

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QuadRooter Flaws taken over 900 million Android devices. Are you the one among them?

Recently, researchers have evicted the fact that QuadRooter from the name itself, seems consisting of four vulnerable flaws has affected over the 900 million Android devices which is approx 1 billion of Android users. Well this was the year already raised many of the security related vulnerabilities and this was the prominent one to be noticed. QuadRooter as discovered to be the researchers as the set four flaws linked with the Qualcomm chipsets running on Android devices. With the use of any one of this flaw, the hacker can attack to your android phone very easily by gaining the access to its root. In recent days, it is also noticed that Snapdragon 821 is launched by Qualcomm which is supposed to be ten times more stronger than that of the 820.

QuadRooter Flaws

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm is well known throughout the world for designing LTE Chipsets, explained Check Points and has confirmed for capturing share of 65 % LTE modem baseband space. And recently discovered threat has covered all 900 million android users which is really threatening. Quad router was evicted at the time when Check Point finalized to analyze Qualcomm code in the phones of Android and thus explained senior security researchers about this whole as DEFCON presentation. While researching, it is found that Qualcomm introduced several privilege vulnerabilities to the Android devices in multiple subsystems as per Donenfeld sayings.

Devices that enrolled with this vulnerabilities

There are numerous devices that were the part of this vulnerable activity which were at high risk. As told above, devices running on the the Qualcomm Chipsets were the victims of this threat. Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, HTC M9, HTC 10, LG G5. There must be more devices affected by there threat but as per ow these mentioned models are the confirmed one.

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“Your Windows Licence has Expired” is now Easy to Remove

In recent days, it is been seen that the malware “Your Windows Licence has Expired” which falls in the notorious family of Ransomware is depicted for the bogus activities about a level above for which it is known. It is been noticed that primarily people of United States are being targeted to this bogus application. This particular ransomware is so hazardous that it does not perform its malicious task in its common way rather it slightly differs as it use to generate a message holding a number +1-888-303-5121 and asks the victim to call on this toll free number to restore the access to the system.

Your Windows Licence has Expired

How “Your Windows Licence has Expired” gets Spread

Your Windows Licence has Expired ransomware uses several tactics to measure the mindset of the victim and forcefully convince them to purchase the valid decryption key of the particular locked file. They are aimed to designed such that they behaves innocently and gains the profit to their developers. This particular ransomware is distributed via several means like junked links, Spam mails, and freeware as an additional installs. Users are not even able to identify and get to know later that this particular threat is being introduced to their system without their permission.

Manual Prevention from “Your Windows Licence has Expired”

According to the researchers, it is one of the highly rated ransomware infection which even do not demands the ransom from the victim but forcefully blackmail them to call on the provided number and earns the profit. You must avoid these type of malicious contact as it bears a monster face hidden inside and trap you by stealing your privacy. Avoid opening the the mails and links which are from unknown source and random ads that gets displayed on your browsing screen simultaneously.

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Graylisting and Admin Rights removal opt the best way to fight against the Ransomware

Recently, before couple of days it is been concluded from the study by the CyberArk Labs that consistently Greylisting of applications and process of Admin Rights removal worked out with the best results in fighting against the Ransomware. The company collected the more than 2300 samples among the most notorious ransomware including Cryptolocker, Petya, Loacky and many more just to get some tactics to protect against this nasty malware.

ight against the Ransomware

This member of malware family is well known for locking up the files of the targeted system and demands a specific amount of ransom to make profit. Thus, the researchers get to conclude from studying the collected samples of several malicious ransomware that the Greylisting or you can say app control technique and the removal of local rights of admin tends to be the most effective way to get rid of the ransomware attacking fear. These ways are prove to be 100% working for the mentioned query unlike the other ways which were partially working such as anti-malware applications that holds the blacklists also worked out ineffective. And opposite from that when it was seen of whitelisting, it quite showed effective ways to prevent from the ransomware threat but it was not friendly with the dynamic users which was its one of the prominent negative point. Thus, Greylisting and removing admin rights were the convenient one for securing the system from this hazardous infection.

What Greylisting means?

Greylisting is a well designed technique to protect email users from that of the Spam mails. Agent using Greylisting will reject the mail temporarily from any sender who is unfamiliar to the user. If the mail is essential then the provision for this is that the originating server have to retry the sending of the mail after an instance and when sufficient time get elapsed then the mail get accepted.

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Push Notification will Popup for Android Users from Google

As we are living in 21st century and growing each day. Our gadget world is also emerging with a new face everyday consisting of more high security features embedding inside. Recently, we get to know about the Push notification feature launched by the Google for the Android users which is being one of the top ranked buzz within these passing days. As with each hacker’s impact, risk is getting top thus, security is also taking arm to arm position with those and ready to defeat the risk.

Push Notifications

As said, a new feature is enrolled by the Google as previously, android user were to get simply email messages as others after any gmail login or any other activity. But with this facility, Android user will be able to get a Push notification after login with its account or performing any other activity which for sure provides more powerful security to the Android users.

Why Google need to do this

Earlier, we were supposed to ignore the messages or the notifications most of the time. According to the Google it is concluded that this Push Notification will keep 4 times more focusing impact on the notification compare from earlier and the security of user will be enhanced thoroughly.

We very well know that the email is being the best one for its intermediate sharing and when it comes about security still they possessed some more effort to enhance it with the growing of malicious activity.

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