Cobian Trojan Offer Free Kit On Underground Forums

Cobian Trojan Offer Free Kit On Underground Forums
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Hackers are trying all the possible way to sneak into your system. From creating an app to introducing you offer on emails they will try maximum possibilities to fool you and to enter into your system. They just use your source against you, and you are like nowhere to understand it. Being a cyber experts we strongly recommend that not to counter such mails and malicious application you get over the internet. Recently a malware name Cobian Trojan is been surfaced on Internet and mostly used by the hacker as a weapon for the attack. Some report clearly mentioned that the threat is going through several underground markets for free and used by hacker for deceptive method.

Cobian Trojan code is much similar to a Trojan Worm virus which was surfaced on dark Web for almost four year ago. It cover all the demand for a hacker to unlock a system, it’s like bells and whistles for the cyber criminals which some creepy features like webcam hijacker, a kerlogger, screen capturing ability and moreover make the criminal free to run it’s own code on compromised system. The irony is you will be helpless once cyber hacker will introduce such hacking tool to your system. For sure Cobian Trojan is some advance virus capable for invading whole computer network and mess with th whole settings. It can easily bypass all the security barrier and enter into the system in various way.

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Intrusion Mechanism Of Cobian Trojan :

Number of factor depend, to make Cobian Trojan spread into the computer. Some famous tactics like Social Engineering Tricks, Email Message and few other tactics is being used to infiltrate into computer system. Mails one of the most useful source of any computer virus to be spreaded. User usually be fooled over email message if it come from some real companies, or with the subject of Bank name and Government institutions or from some famous organization. Code it been attached to the mail and deliver to user mail ID where they get in contact with Cobian Trojan. More source is being use to spread the threat like :

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  • Infected Software Installers.
  • Contaminated Documents.
  • Spam Emails.

Hackers who downloaded the Cobian Trojan (Also Known a Background RAT ), versions is secretly connect to a Pastebin URL. It is the original author’s who control all the command and code and also is where from they receive new commands. As a Report from Bleeping Computer inform some interesting fact which t hey get from Senior Director of Research at Cyber-Security firm Zscaler, Deepen Desai say : “The [Pastebin file] corresponding to the builder variant that we analyzed has 4,055 unique visitor hits till now, indicating of number of systems infected,”

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Cobian Trojan a backdoor RAT advertises the kit on underground forums for free. This kit contains hidden backdoor which is under full control of the original author. The good news is that Cobian is not a big success as compare to other free RATs have been in the past. To begin with, not all features work as expected. This is perhaps the reason why RAT is not so popular, despite being offered for almost half a year for free. At the time of writing this report, scientists rarely saw that Cobian was used in nature. These are systems that two thieves have access to. First, the hacker who distributed his own RAT Cobian Trojan code and then the original author. Upon activation, the original malware author will take control of any infected computer and, if necessary, eliminate the crime that caused the infection first.

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