Complete Guide to Remove from Windows PC

Complete Guide to Remove from Windows PC
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Is your default homepage is replaced by without your knowledge? Are you continuously redirected towards unknown sites while searching in your browser? Have you ever thought why this is happening in your PC? Is there any effective ways to solve these issue? Well, if you have the same queries then read this post to know about and how to remove it completely from your PC.

Introduction of is a malicious application which is termed as a browser hijacker. This nasty threat has infected numbers of PC and it is spreading very fast from one PC to another. This tricky threat can invade any computer and to do this it doesn’t need any permission from the user. After research it has been found that this threat only targets Windows based PC. After getting access in your system it will start performing various kinds of unwanted tasks which seriously interrupts your important activity. It can start itself automatically when you boot your system. This malicious program is developed by some cyber threat and their intension was to generate money by redirecting users towards some sponsored website and to do this it uses various tricks. However it has several kinds of malicious activities but it is famous for hijacking default web browser of the infected system. It has the capacity to infect the commonly used web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome and Internet explorer. After hijacking the browser it modify its setting and replace your homepage with After that whenever you make search you will be redirected towards some unknown websites. Apart from that it can also download some unwanted apps which can help users to take over your PC and they can steal your credential information. So it is advised to remove immediately without waiting more.

Scan Your PC To

How invades your PC?

There are many ways through which can slip into your computer without letting you know. It can make its way in you PC when you download or install some free downloaded program from unsafe site. It can also come attached with ad supported sites or you can also get this threat in your computer from Spam or Junk email attachments. Apart from that also comes added with some unwanted links and harmful sites. In addition it is also promoted using per to peer sharing. So users are advised to be more careful while doing online activity and do not download any free of cost program. Also make sure to read the term and condition of any software before installing it.

How dangerous is for your system?

  • hijacks default web browser and modify its setting
  • redirect your search towards malicious sites
  • display annoying ads and pop-ups in the browser
  • replace the homepage and search engine too
  • added some new tool-bars and bookmarks
  • will make your web-pages to load slowly


How to remove manually from PC? is really a dangerous threat which can cause several issue and it is also not easy to remove it. So if you also have used several removal steps but the threat is still causing problem then don’t get worry. Here we are providing some manual removal steps by using which you an remove this infection. But, the manual method need to be done under experts otherwise it can arise other issue. So to remove the best way is automatic removal steps.

Remove and suspicious add ons from browsers

For Internet explorer

  • Open IE and click on tools after that click on Manage add-ons
  • Select all the Add-ons under the show section to display them
  • Now click on the add-ons you want to disable
  • Restart the browser to save the changes

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and click on the three bar on the right top corner
  • Now click on the add-ons and under the extension select the add-on you want to disable
  • Now select the plug-ins tab then select the unwanted plug-ins and click on never activate
  • Restart Mozilla to save the change

From Google chrome

  • Open Chrome and click on the three bar icon on the top corner
  • No uncheck the enable box to disable suspicious add-ons
  • Click on the recycle bin icon to delete the extension
  • Restart Chrome for save the changes


RemoveĀ Automatically from your PC

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