Complete Tutorial To Remove ZipLocker Ransomware From Infected PC

Complete Tutorial To Remove ZipLocker Ransomware From Infected PC
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ZipLocker Ransomware is known as a Trojan infection that get programmed by the wise cyber criminals in order to pack the files in a password protected archives and then invite users to pay some ransom to uncover the password and recover their data. Some initial threat analysis revealed that the ZipLocker Ransomware is an updated version of the IPA (International Police Association) ransomware, that does not see the light of day. Both of these versions appear to be work in progress and samples of the Trojans that are registered on online anti-virus platforms. This is very similar in behavior to the Bart Ransomware and NotAHero Ransomware, that is reported in the past.

Instead of encrypting your user’s files, the objects are transferred to a password protected package that is protected by an AES-256 cipher. The user would be unable to unlock the archive and extract the data unless the password is made available. Cyber security analysts that have reported that the ZipLocker Ransomware is designed to use the model as [original_file_name], when it creates the password protected shells. It had been seen that ZipLocker Ransomware mainly aims to transfer objects with following extensions:-



Malware researchers were unable to find a vulnerability in the code of ZipLocker Ransomware . However, some samples of the ZipLocker Ransomware have shown that the author of the Trojan used the most difficult unlock code into the primary executable. Some computer users that encounter the ZipLocker Ransomware may want to enter the string “Destroy”. It must be noted that the earlier version that known as IPA Ransomware includes a hard-coded unlock code as well, and you may want to enter “ddd123456” in the Password Required box, if you need to unlock an archive created by ZipLocker Ransomware .

Attacks that are made by Ransomware can be devastating to small business and regular PC users that do not run a backup manager. More than 80% of the recorded attacks for the past few months involve encryption Trojans. Here, computer users and organizations should invest in a backup storage and incorporate a reputable anti-malware shield to mitigate the risk of data corruption. Some anti-virus vendors are known to detect the objects that are related to ZipLocker Ransomware as:-

  • Artemis!EE15859B9ED5
  • Atros5.AZZU
  • MSIL/Generic.AP.742E9E!tr
  • Ransom_ZIPIAC.F117E3
  • TR/FileCoder.enzyn
  • W32.Ransom.Gen
  • Win32.Outbreak
  • a variant of MSIL/Filecoder.FL

After having this unwanted application, you will face more trouble into your machine. So, you are not allowed to keep this harmful ZipLocker Ransomware to your machine. Once detected, you should remove ZipLocker Ransomware as soon as possible from your system.


Manual Removal Steps Of ZipLocker Ransomware :-

Boot Your PC In Safe Mode

  • At first you have to restart your PC to open menu.
  • Keep pressing F8 button until Windows Advanced Option appears on your system screen.
  • Now choose Safe Mode With Networking Option using arrow key and hit Enter.

Delete ZipLocker Ransomware Manually From Control Panel

  • At first press Windows + R key together to open Run Window.
  • Now enter the Control Panel and hit Enter button.
  • Go to Program Section and then click on Uninstall a Program.
  • From the list of all installed application, just select ZipLocker Ransomware and then click on Uninstall tab.

Learn Simple Steps To Eliminate ZipLocker Ransomware Process From Windows Task Manager

  • At first press Ctrl + Alt + delete button to open Windows Task Manager.
  • Then click on Process tab to notice all the running process in your PC.
  • Find and select all those malicious process and then lastly click on End Process option.

Scan And Delete ZipLocker Ransomware Automatically From Your System

Automatic Removal Tool is one of the leading and most of the trusted and anti-malware application. Its designed to detect and remove harmful threats and viruses easily from infected PC. Its configured to give you the best and optimal security from daily new malware and spyware. Its an interactive and easy to use software that needs no technical knowledge. This powerful anti-spyware applications is programmed to give real time protection to your computer from online threats and bugs. Automatic Removal Tool can easily detect and remove rootkits, rogue anti-spyware, Trojan, Worms and other similar threats. So, you can download and install this tool immediately into your machine, in order to remove ZipLocker Ransomware completely from your system.


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