Completely Remove from Windows System

Completely Remove from Windows System
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Last night when i was after downloading a game i get malware in my Windows PC. After that my system start behaving weirdly and my search gets redirected towards some unknown site. I am try my bets to remove this threat and also use multiple antivirus but it doesn’t allow me to remove it. It has disturbed my important work and my system. Is there any way to remove completely? Thanks in advance..


Description of has been introduced as a nasty browser hijacker which has disturbed many computer system lately. This unwanted threat can easily slip into your PC and you don’t have any idea about that. This tricky threat is created by some cyber attackers and the main reason behind it was to gain money by misleading novice users from different trick. However it acts like a legitimate search engine which can provide you best and quick results of your search, but if you make search in this fake search engine then you will never get satisfied results of your search. The search provided by this only redirect users towards those sites which it is promoting for generating revenue. The main malicious task of this threat is to hijack the web browser of the infected system after which it completely alters its default setting in order to execute its malicious operation easily without interruption. It can easily hijack those browser which we commonly use like Chrome, Mozilla and Internet explorer. Moreover it can also download some unwanted applications without your knowledge and those application utilize a big part of your CPU resource which results in the slow processing of the system. Furthermore, it creates lots of vulnerabilities in the system and hackers can use that to steal your personal data. So if your browser is already hijacked by it then it is advised to remove without any hesitation.

Scan Your PC To Remove

How your system get infected with

If your PC also has and you don’t want havoc on your system then remove it now. It is commonly seen that this threat comes into your system attached with latest games and apps which you download in free of cost from Internet. It is also promoted vis Spam email attachments, so be very careful while opening spam email attachments or never click on the links of the email before verifying it. While surfing Internet users may get several kinds of interesting ads and pop-ups in which these kinds of threat remains hiding and clicking on them can make their task easy to invade the system. Apart form that visiting adult website, clicking on unknown URL, attaching infected removal device or outdated security software are the main cause of occurrence of

How to know PC is infected by

  • Automatic creation of unnecessary folders on desktop
  • Default Homepage replaced by
  • Getting unwanted ads and pop-ups within the browser
  • When removable device become inaccessible while attaching in system
  • Unwanted changes in some important program like task manager


Remove manually from your computer

If your PC is also affected by and you are still not get success in removing it then no need to worry. Here we are providing manual removal steps by using which you can remove from your system. But the manual removal need expertise and if not performed carefully then you can get some more issues. So for those users it is preferred to use Automatic removal tool. It is easy to use and remove the threat completely from the system.

Remove from computer control panel

For Windows 7, vista and XP users

  • Go to start menu of your screen and click on control panel
  • In the program group open uninstall a program option
  • Now select the desired program to remove from the list and click on the uninstall or change

For Windows 8 users

  • Right click on the top right corner of your Windows and select control panel
  • Now go to the program group and open uninstall a program
  • Select the program you want to remove and click on uninstall or change

Remove from your Browsers

From Internet explorer

  • Open your IE and click on the Tools button after that click on Manage add-ons.
  • Now Click on Tool-bars and Extensions on left side of the window, and then select
  • Disable all the add-on entries related with the infection

From Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Firefox menu button and click on Add-ons to open Add-ons Manager
  • Now select Extensions or Appearance panel in Add-ons Manager tab
  • Select the suspicious add-on associated with
  • Click on remove button

From Google chrome

  • Open Google chrome and select more tools and then extensions
  • Select the extension you want to remove and click remove from chrome
  • A pop-up will appear to remove the extension. Click on remove


Remove Automatically from your PC

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