Your Computer Is In Blocked State – Easy Removal Instructions

Your Computer Is In Blocked State – Easy Removal Instructions
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Is your computer constantly being redirected to Microsoft Official Support page saying Your Computer Is In Blocked State alert asking you to call a support number to fix it. This is a clear indication that your system may have an adware program installed on it.

Your Computer Is In Blocked State is nothing more than a scam categorized as an adware program. Most importantly. Microsoft does not make any unsolicited phone calls or send unsolicited messages which ask you to provide your personal or financial information in order to fix your computer. The nasty adware program shows its alert message in such a way to trick innocent user easily into thinking that their computer has been crashed or a virus has been detected on the computer. The bogus program uses the famous platform Microsoft to fulfil its purpose and trick user easily and to win their trust easily so that user instantly click on the link provided to fix their computer.

But actually, you will be tricked by those people who are scammer and whose job is to sell you their unneeded support contracts, products and services. Your Computer Is In Blocked State pop-up will show you the following message :

“Your computer is in blocked state
For safety instructions immediately call on the support number, a Microsoft Super Technician is waiting to guide you to safeguard your system.
You must not avoid this warning, as this is a very critical infection, Microsoft Super Technicians are level 9 technicians which are expertise in resolving these kind of issues.
Toll Free: 1-800-490-5352″

This bogus message defines that you should not press any key until you know how to handle the situation. Or you can call on the tech support number provided to get help from Microsoft technicians. The number is toll free. Scammers do this to get direct access to the system in order to remotely access the targeted system. On gaining remote access, scammers typically tricks the utilities built into Windows and other software. The main aim behind tricking the user is to win user’s trust to make them pay for “support”services. When users rely on their trick and call on the tech support number to get help, scammers steals their credit card information.

How Did  Your Computer Is In Blocked State Install On My Computer?

Your Computer Is In Blocked State often gets distributed via bundles, untrustworthy sites and pirated softwares. If you do not pay attention to online content with which you interact with might end up with malware like Your Computer Is In Blocked State. Bundling is most common method used scammers to hack your system. In this method they bundle up the malicious code with freeware which you download from internet. Also, when you visit phishing websites you accidentally click on unknown link and that further cause installation of unwanted software on your system.

Why Should You Remove Your Computer Is In Blocked State Virus?

Your Computer Is In Blocked State is not safe for your computer for the following reasons.

  • Display lots of advertisements and bogus program
  • Can steal your sensitive information to use it for illegal purpose
  • Degrade your system performance
  • Makes surfing completely annoying due to lots of ads and pop-ups on the screen
  • Allows hackers to remotely access your system
  • Can install other malware on your system also
  • Repeatedly shows you the alert message whenever you go inline

How To Manually Remove Your Computer Is In Blocked State From Your Computer?

You can easily remove Your Computer Is In Blocked State virus from your computer by following the steps given below –

Uninstall Your Computer Is In Blocked State Virus

From Control Panel

  • Click on Start menu -> Control Panel.
  • Click on Uninstall a program.
  • Select the malicious program.
  • Click on Uninstall.

From Task Manager

  • Press “Win + R” key and type “task manager” in the box.
  • Hit Enter key.
  • In the processes tab, choose the malicious processes running.
  • Click on End Process.

From Registry Entry

  • Press “Win + R” key to open run box.
  • Type “regedit” in the box and click on OK button.
  • Select the entries related to Your Computer Is In Blocked State virus.
  • Remove them from the registry.

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