CookieMiner Mac Malware Wants Your Cookies & Your Crypto Funds

Recently, the researchers at Palo Alto Networks have discovered a new Mac malware named CookieMiner. In the world of cyber threat, there are numerous Mac malware but CookieMiner has been specifically designed by the group of cyber criminals to steal users cookies, crypto funds and other vita details that stored on Mac system. Upon the depth analysis on its sample, researchers revealed that it mainly intercepts the browser cookies related to the cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges of the wallet service providers.

Know About CookieMiner

CookieMiner is a new Mac malware that is based on the most popular or known malware named OSX.DarthMiner. First of all, OSX.DarthMiner malware was documented in December 2018. CookieMiner affects the Mac OS X users and steals password from iPhone message, Chrome browser, iTunes backup and many more on targeted machine. The hackers of cyber attack who gain access to the user’s cookies, messages, browser password and many more could login in to wallet of victim’s cryptocurrency or transfer all money to themselves without users authentication or awareness.

CookieMiner Is Capable To Steal Several Sensitive Data For Conducting Illegal Operation

CookieMiner can also mines the new cryptocurrency for attackers or hackers who are using the resources of Mac system. As per the report of Unit 42’s blog, this miner malware tries to generate Koto which means privacy focused cryptocurrency that is specifically used in the Japan. Keep a fact in your mind about this malware is that CookieMiner only steals password from Google Chrome browser and access the cookies that specifically stored by the Safari browser. It drops EmPyre backdoor on compromised Mac system to allow hacker to access or control PC remotely. In order to mine the Koto cryptocurrency, it uses highly advanced algorithm and targeted more and more System’s CPU as well as GPU.

Get Familiar With The Highlighted Capabilities Of CookieMiner Malware

  • Steals the cryptocurrency keys and wallet data.
  • Steals the saved username and password in Google Chrome.
  • Takes full control of victims PC using EmPyre backdoor.
  • Bypasses the 2-factor authentication.
  • Uses a Python script entitled as to weakens Chromium open source project.
  • Deploys an executable named XMRig2 to perform the series to modification to hacked machine.
  • Automatically download and install the coin mining tool on affected Mac OS X.
  • Mines the cryptocurrency on affected Mac machine and many more.

Distribution Preferences Of CookieMiner

CookieMiner is a worst crypto malware and like other malware, it gets distributed over the Mac system secretly via spam message or junk mail attachment. The con artists of such a malware often attaches its payload on safe looking emails and urges Mac users into opening it. When users intentionally or accidentally opened those suspicious attachment then their Mac system may easily gets victimized by a worst malware named CookieMiner.

Tricks To Prevent PC Against The Attack Of CookieMiner

  1. Keep an eye on security settings.
  2. Check the wallet accounts and exchange to verify whether funds are safe or not.
  3. Keep the large amount of crypto in the cold storage hardware wallet.
  4. Don’t open any suspicious message or attachment that arrived on your PC from unknown person.
  5. Stays away from the hacked, unsafe or dubious site.
  6. Download and install a well-reputable system security application.
  7. Be attentive while performing of any online operation.

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