Corrupted Canon Cr2 File Recovery : Simple Steps To Recover Corrupted Canon Cr2 File

Corrupted Canon Cr2 File Recovery : Simple Steps To Recover Corrupted Canon Cr2 File
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Know More About Cr2 Files :

Cr2 is a image file format that is used by the Canon digital camera. Some of them are EOS350D, EOS300D, Digital Rebel XT etc. However, whenever you capture the images using your Canon digital camera, these images are getting stored in the memory card in .Cr2 file format. Normally, Cr2 is a RAW format that replaced CRW format. Most of the photographers prefer the Cr2 as the format of their output pictures to get high definition digital images. However, there is high possibility that you will encounter data loss in Canon digital cameras.

RAW Images File Format :

A camera raw image file format mainly contains minimal processed data from the image sensor of either a digital camera, image scanner of the motion picture film scanner. RAW files are so named because they are not processed and therefore are not ready to be printed with a Bitmap Graphics Editor. Though RAW Image file is not directly usable as an image, but has all the information that is needed to create an image. Basically, Canon uses two different RAW Formats, the early models of Canon camera such as Canon EOS1D, EOS10D, EOSD30, EOSD60 that is written in the CFF Format use CRW Files. Some latest models of Canon as EOS -1DS, EOS 300D,PowerShot G1 X are all based on a TIFF Format that produce Cr2 instead of the CRW. For every new Canon photographers, they can suffer from the raw image lost problems due to many reasons such as accidentally deletion of photos, formatting of storage media, corruption due to card that being pulled out of while the camera is on or turning the camera off during write process.

Now you well know, what a Cr2 file is. So, what happens in the case when you run into difficulties with your Cr2 Raw Image files? What will you do when your Cr2 Images are mistakenly deleted. Is there any way to recover your Cr2 Image files? The answer is Yes. You can do so, using a powerful cr2 file repair software and reliable tool.

Luckily, there are lots of photo recovery tools that will restore your the lost files. Hence, Digital Camera Photo Recovery Software is such a professional application that is especially designated to restore Canon Camera deleted / erased / formatted raw image of CRW or CR2 files.

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Regain Corrupted Canon Cr2 File Recovery By Using Top Rated Software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 9.5/10
Wondershare Photo Recovery 8.75/10
Wise Data Recovery  8/10

Stop Writing To Memory Card

Before recovery, you should Stop writing on your memory card. As soon as you realize that your files are missing, just stop using the card. You should not capture any photos. Just safely remove the memory card from camera and place it in a safe case. You must keep in mind that further writing activities can seriously increases the chances of photo loss.

What Do You Need ?

You just need following things to recover your Canon Cr2 Files :

  • A Personal Computer (Windows or Mac)
  • A card reader that connects your Canon SD card to the system.
  • A Photo Recovery Software.
  • Your Canon Memory Card.

Corrupted CR2 RAW Image Recovery Software : Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

All we know that there are so many free / paid softwares are available in the market that always claims to be able to recover pictures, but very few of them are capable of dealing with Canon Cr2 raw files. In that case you are strongly recommended to use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. This software generally recovers a large variety pf image formats, that includes Canon Cr2/ CRW raw image. Additionally, this is get compatible with both PC and MAC computers. This program is also a powerful as well as user friendly.

Salient Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

  • Recovers all the photos from digital cameras, memory cards as well as internal and external media.
  • Quickly recovers lost or deleted MXF movies, HD MOV and Adobr EPS files.
  • Also facilitates the recovery of more than 100 multimedia file types.
  • Recover photos from the lost or formatted storage media.
  • Retrieve deleted pictures with their original date time shipping, camera model name or their file names.

Steps To Recover Cr2 Files With Windows OS Using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

  • At first Turn on your PC. Connect your Canon to your system.

  • Then launch Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software and install into your system.
  • Just open the software. Highlight the drive and then click on Advanced option. Here you can select Cr2 and CRW formats.

  • Then Hit Scan Now button to continue. This program will begin to scan your card for missing RAW images, once you found you can preview those images through Preview Windows.

  • Recover the images.

Recover Cr2 Files With Mac Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

  • This is known as initial of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software for MAC. Just click on the Recover Photo, Video, Audio button to recover your deleted lost files.

  • All the disk drives and attached media are listed. Just select your desired drive or external media and click on Scan Now option to start scanning process.

  • This excellent software will search all the multimedia files from your selected drive or media during scanning.

  • After this scanning process, all your found files are listed in selected volume, hard disk or other attached storage media. Click on Recover option.

Yodot Photo Recovery Software

Yodot Photo Recovery is known as a simple photo recovery tool that recovers all sorts of camera photos, computer images as well as other graphic files. This software is read-only, safe and easy to use tool and recovers photos from accidentally formatted memory cards. This will automatically identifies the actual file size even when there is no file system or when you are recovering data from a foreign file system that is unknown to the Windows / Mac. It mainly features RAW search, resume recovery, categorize files, stores files, and previews before recovery.

Basic Characteristics Of Yodot Photo Recovery

  • Undelete all the lost or deleted photos, audio and video files.
  • Known as robust application that does not modify the original file.
  • Recover all types of camera photos, computer images as well as other graphic files.
  • Also retrieve images from other formatted memory card.
  • Preview the images after scanning.

Best Guide To Repair Damaged Cr2 File From Yodot Photo Recovery In Windows OS

  • Download and install the demo version of Windows Yodot Photo Recovery.

  • Launch this software and follow its instructions.

  • Then after you have to select the drive from where you want to recover your lost photos and other files.

  • Allow this software to scan and find the files from selected drive.

  • Now, preview the found files and select that you want to retrieve.
  • Select destination drive to save your retrieved files.

Download For Windows

Clear Instructions To Recover Corrupted Cr2 File From Yodot Photo Recovery In Mac OS

  • At first download and install Mac Yodot Photo Recovery.

  • Run the software and then follow its instructions to get your Lost / deleted photos back.

  • Choose the options whether to recover Lost photos / deleted Photos back.

  • After that select volume / drive from where images are to be rescued.

  • Allow the recovery software to complete its scanning process.
  • Preview the images that are retrieved from selected volumes.
  • Choose the destination volume to store the recovered pictures.

Download For Mac

Wondershare Photo Recovery

Wondershare Photo Recovery is regarded as powerful photo recovery options that is meant as best solution for recovery of Cr2 files and other photos that are lost accidentally from SD card and other USB drive. This is a reliable picture recovery tool that helps you to retrieve all your precious memories. After the file scan get finished, you can easily preview your recoverable photos and images before performing picture recovery. This makes it so easier to recover the photos that you really want. Its process can be finished using three simple steps as Select a target disk, start scanning and lastly recover the exact deleted photos that you want.

Best Characteristics Of Wondershare Photo Recovery

  • Recovers lost/ deleted / formatted photos from digital device.
  • Recovers not only photos, but also videos as well as music files.
  • Works well in every data loss scenario such as virus infection, improper use of device, software crash etc.
  • Its easy to pause, or restart the photo recovery during scan process according to your schedule.
  • Save the previous scan results and import it to resume recovery without scanning once more.
  • Provides Thumbnail preview that confirm whether the image that you want.

Useful User Guide To Recover Cr2 Files Using Wondershare Photo Recovery

Windows OS

  • Step 1 : Select the partition or the drive where your lost data get located. Then click on Scan to start scanning for files.

  • You can pause or stop the scanning in mid process.

  • Step 2 : Find out the files that you need. Then click on Recover to proceed to destination selection interface. Or just click on Back to return to the partition selection interface.

  • Step 3 : Select the final destination to save your recoverable data.

  • Step 4 : Click on Resume recovery, at the bottom left corner.

  • Step 5 : Select the saved previous result files, and click on Open.

  • Step 6 : Just preview and find out the files that you need.

  • Step 7 : Select a recovery path to save the files.


  • Step 1 : At first select the recover mode as Deleted recovery or Deep recovery mode.

  • Step 2 : Then select the target device where you want to recover your photos from. Click on Next to start automatic scanning.

  • Step 3 : Preview the recoverable photos and select the one that you want to recover.

  • Step 4 : Finally select a recovery path to save your recoverable data.

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a free data recovery software that will recover all your files that includes images, word file, email, text file, audio and video file and so on, that have been deleted permanently and marked as free space by the Operating System. This program has been used to recover all your deleted files from USB drives, memory cards, or MP3 players.

Key Features Of Wise Data Recovery

  • Get Back all Your deleted, formatted or lost data within quick time.
  • With advanced algorithm, Wise Data Recovery is able to finish the scanning process in seconds.
  • It not only scan the lost files, but also analyzes the possibility of recovering them.
  • The portable version of Wise Data Recovery allows you to avoid data overwriting.
  • Its perfectly compatible with all the Windows versions.

Wise Data Recovery User Guide

  • Step 1 : Launch this program and select the hard disk drive where lost data are located.

  • Step 2 : After scanning, the items are marked in different colors. You should notice the different colors means different recovery ability. Just select the check box of the item that you want to recover. Once checked, recover button will become activated.

  • Step 3 : Then select the targeted files and hit Recover option to recover and save them on your system.

  • Step 4 : Now, a pop-up will inform you that the data recovery has finished.

  • Step 5 : After you click OK button, the program will show the deleted files in recovered folder.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Best Alternative For Deleted Cr2 File Recovery

Losing precious photos from the digital camera is stressful, but here you should not get panic. You still have a chance to get them back provided that your storage device is still intact. Various photo recovery software are provided in the market to recover all your lost photos and other media files from computer hard drives, deleted partitions, USB drives and other external Storage media. Among them, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the best option that is used as do it yourself solution which is convenient and less expensive than hiring a data recovery service.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is regarded as most professional digital photo recovery tool that will recover all your seemingly lost photos, videos and songs from corrupt or formatted hard drive and external storage media such as memory stick, USB drive, flash card, memory card, mini disk etc. It can recover all your popular photo formats including JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PSP, PCT etc. Besides, it can fully support all major cameras and memory card formats on the market.

Main Features Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Recover Photos From the Memory Cards, Digital Cameras and All Internal and External Media.
  • Support the data recovery of photos, video and audio files.
  • Smartly and efficiently recovers all the HD MOV files.
  • Preview and save the deleted photos distinctively with their original file names.
  • Supports scanning of storage devices with the storage capacity over 2TB.
  • Facilitates option to add new file headers for recovery.

Installation Process Of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • First of all double click on StellarPhoenixPhotoRecovery.exe file and tap Run to start Setup Wizard.
  • Hit Next. License Agreement Dialogue box is displayed.
  • Choose I Accept The Agreement option. Hit next. Click on Destination Location Dialog box is displayed.
  • Then specify a destination in the text box or click Browse to select the destination.
  • Click Next. Select Start Menu Folder dialog box is displayed.
  • Just specify a destination in text box, or browse them. Click on Next. Select Additional Tasks dialog box is displayed.
  • Select the required check boxes for creating desktop icon and quick launch icon of software. Click Next.
  • In Ready To Install Dialogue box, verify the settings. Hit Back to make any changes, or click Install to Install this software.
  • Finally after successful installation, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Set Up Wizard Screen open before you, click Finish.

Download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery For Windows & Mac


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