How To Delete EduCrypt Ransomware From PC

How To Delete EduCrypt Ransomware From PC
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EduCrypt Ransomware

Introduction to EduCrypt Ransomware

EduCrypt Ransomware is a cryptomalware that actually based on open-source Hidden Tear ransomware project. EduCrypt Ransomware is very peculiar ransom virus. Unlike other ransomware computer threats, it doesn’t ask victims to pay ransom amount. The very ransom virus resembles to SeginChille Ransomware program that encrypt the victims data but let them to decrypt their files for free. Just like same this ransom virus offer victim to decrypt file in easy and without paying ransom but still task a bit more complicated for the victim especially if you have experience such virus for first time.

In EduCrypt Ransomware, Edu’ stands for ‘Educational’ and this ransom virus is nothing more than a simple project that single motive is teach and make victims familiar with ransomware threats. What they can do damage if you are not sufficiently protected and prepared. It extensively spread over Internet and thus it secretly get inside victims computer. Usually it makes it way to your PC via responding to email containing attachments from unknown sources. Additionally, downloading and installing freeware without reading End User License Agreement(EULA) and sharing data in open network are possible ways for EduCrypt Ransomware intrusion into your PC.


What EduCrypt Ransomware Would Do To Your PC

EduCrypt Ransomware after once successfully gets installed and activated onto your computer it will encrypted the system data using ‘.isis’ file extension. Now it will generates a ransom note which will be found in a file named ‘README.txt’ stored on the desktop. The very ransom virus will encrypt files located in the following folders:


EduCrypt Ransomware has ability to infect all data onto your system irrespective of file and format and its size. Data are precious to anyone and once you faced such error and get a note called README.txt on the your desktop really, it’s a frustrating moment. This note will provides a link to decryptor and information onto the issue happened to the victim’s files. Ransom note generated by EduCrypt Ransomware is short, and notifies the users that their files have been encrypted. However, it also states that they can restore their data free of charge.

EduCrypt Ransomware

The hidden file that EduCrypt Ransomware references is located at %UserProfile%\Documents\DecryptPassword.txt and it contains the password which will be used to decrypt your files. Usually the password is HDJ7D-HF54D-8DN7D alike that shown below:-

EduCrypt Ransomware

As the EduCrypt provides a link to a Hidden Tear decryptor so, you are advised to download it from here. As stated the EduCrypt Ransomware is not so dangerous like other ransomware program but try and teach victim’s a lesson through this way is really untrustworthy. Leaving this Ransomware, other is nasty computer threats and once infected your PC, asked huge amount to get decryption key.

Step to Protect PC from Ransomware, Including EduCrypt Ransomware

Back up your data:- The best and simplest way to defeat ransomware is keeping backup regularly updated. If in case any ransom virus target your PC, by restoring you can easily get rid of it. However restoring result in lose of data and hence if you have backup you can easily restore them.

Filter EXEs in email and Always Show hidden file-extensions :- Many ransom virus target your PC via emails with “.EXE” files. So you should always deny such email and always enable show hidden file-extensions as it can be easier to spot suspicious files.

Disable RDP:– Most of the ransom virus alike Cryptolocker target your computer using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP. It’s a Windows utility that let others to access your desktop remotely.

Disconnect from WiFi or from the network immediately:– If you suspect that the program you are running may be ransomware, disconnect from WiFi or from the network immediately. Taking immediate action prevent you file from encryption.

Set the BIOS clock back :– Many ransom virus are there which threaten victims that money will be doubled if not paid in certain time. So, you can “beat the clock” somewhat, by setting the BIOS clock back.

All these steps proves very helpful to keep your PC safe from ransomware virus including EduCrypt Ransomware. However, only restoring system and taking such preventive not protect your PC. To keep your PC safe and clean you must make use of effective Free Scanner.

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