Delete Slimware Utilities Holdings From Your Windows Computer

Delete Slimware Utilities Holdings From Your Windows Computer
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Slimware Utilities Holdings is determined as a PUP program that is designed by the cyber criminals to make profits from computer users. It is very annoying and frustrating computer virus. It may slow down your PC performance. Generally, these type of malicious program comes in your computer with free insecure software downloads, media applications, java installer, flash player plugin and some other malicious web pages and after that it changes your home page URL and search engine setting of your computer. It may install automatically in your computer without any user permission. At first, it invades on your web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Chromium, Opera etc and it will convert the browser default settings like home page URL path link and search engine setting. It may display you a lot of different kinds of ads on your browsers windows like pop-up ads, advertising attractive banners, commercial ads, hyper linked text, fake security alert boxes etc. In starting days, it may sound as a useful service but it is just a fake service which is used to make an illegal benefits from Internet users by pay per click method. It is also able to collect your vital information like user id, password, personal account details, social network account login details, bank account details etc. It may also modify your windows registry settings, DNS settings, BIOS configuration settings, IP addresses and other important settings of your system. Really this is a very harmful virus that may block security software such as anti-virus program, Windows Defender and Firewall security program of your computer. Due to this virus, your computer will performs very badly and imperfectly. If you want to avoid further damages then you should remove this malicious program immediately from your computer as soon as possible.

Scan Your PC To Remove Slimware Utilities Holdings Threat

Manual method to Remove Slimware Utilities Holdings virus from your Computer:

Process 1 => Uninstall the Slimware Utilities Holdings from your Computer by using Control Panel option:

=> Click the Start menu option and then tap on Control Panel Option.
=> then tap on “Program and Features” option and highlight the unwanted programs.
=> Then click the uninstall option to remove this threat from your computer.

Process 2 => Reset your web browsers to default settings:

For Internet Explorer:

=> Open Internet Explorer and then goto “wrench” icon in top right corner
=> Select Internet Options and then choose advanced option.
=> In last click the reset option to default settings.

For Google Chrome:

=> Open Google Chrome browser and goto the three stripes in the right top corner.
=> Select Settings and then Scroll down to the end of the page and tap on “Show advanced settings”
=> Scroll down once again to the end of the page and click Reset browser settings button
=> Click Reset once more to get default settings of browser.

You can also use a automatic removal tool to remove this malicious program from your computer. It is very easy to use and it gives more effective results. Manual method is so difficult in use and it is not possible for all computer users. So, be careful and use free scanner to remove this threat easily from your PC.


Manual removal method is not possible for all PC users due to lack of enough technical skills. It takes enough times to complete your virus removal process. So, Use an effective free scanner to remove Slimware Utilities Holdings completely from your system. It uses powerful algorithm technology which gives an effective results. It is an easiest way to remove malicious program from your system.

An Effective Solution : Use Free Scanner To Remove Threat

Process 1 >> First of all, Download the new updated Automatic removal tool and install it in your system. After installation click on Scan Computer and then start scanning your system. It will scan your system and find out Slimware Utilities Holdings from your PC.


Process 2 >> Custom Scan: You can scan particular section and external hard drive of your system with the help of this Custom scan.


Process 3 >> System Guard: It will help you to prevent the malicious entry and protect registry section.


Process 4 >> Help Desk: It will help you to fix any problem related to your system.


Process 5 >> Network Sentry: It will block all the modification which has been done through unauthorized access.


Process 6 >> Scan Scheduler: It will scan your system at pre-set time.



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