Delete UltraDeCrypter – How To Remove UltraDeCrypter?

Delete UltraDeCrypter – How To Remove UltraDeCrypter?
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  • Name – UltraDeCrypter
  • Spamming Type – Ransomware
  • Danger Level – High
  • Short Description – Performs Encryption of files and demands ransom.
  • Symptoms – Reduced PC performance or freezing, ransom note.
  • Method – via Spam mail attachment

Origin of UltraDeCrypter

UltraDeCrypter is recently detected computer virus belonging to notorious ransomware. Its aim is to infect every version of Windows computer. You know its back story is very interesting. This virus come to know as CryptXXX and encrypted user’s files on global scale. This threat hits companies, business, firms, schools and hospitals clumsily. Then CryptXXX versions are introduced such as CryptXXX 2.0 and CryptXXX 3.0 in order to separately enhance their business. In order to continue its thrive, CrytXXX is rebranded as UltraDeCrypter. One thing more, it reproduces like human virus and trying to infect more and more files.

Distribution Method of UltraDeCrypter

UltraDeCrypter ransomware has been distributed using enormous techniques. The most commonly used is exploit kits named as Angler exploit kit and Bedep exploit kit. Both them is responsible for fast spreading of vicious ransomware. In fact, like other ransomware viruses, it propagates through unsafe mail attachments. This one is the most common way to compromise computers. These emails have files attached which intrude the infection further. The file attachments usually contain some executable file with malicious code inside. The malicious code might be the ransomware itself, or another malware that is delivering files of the real threat to the infected machine. Another methods is through social media networks and file-share services. DropBox is a known medium for such infections, containing files, which are disguised as something harmless and useful.

Scan Your PC For Free

After encrypting files, UltraDeCrypter ransomware display ransom note :

“All your files are encrypted.
[links to custom-made pages on the TOR network]
Download and install tor-browser[link to the tor project page]
TorLink: [link to the payment portal that is used by the UltraDeCrypter Ransomware]
Write down the information to notebook(exercise book) and reboot the computer.”

What are harmful activities of UltraDeCrypter?

UltraDeCrypter ransomware is very harmful virus which forces pay to ransom in order to decrypt files. But you should never pay these criminals as there is no guarantee, files are unlocked or not. It also makes system behave abnormal. After getting successfully installed, it makes system run slow and sluggish. It corrupts essential files by modifying registry entry. It also disables other fundamental functionality of system such as task manager, control panel, firewalls etc. Furthermore, it exploits web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. In addition, it replaces original search engine with its fake one. It also put personal information to the miserable condition by tracing online activities.

Manual Steps To Remove UltraDeCrypter From PC

Remove UltraDeCrypter From Windows 7

Step 1 – Restart PC. Press Alt + F4 on keyboard, select Restart from drop-down menu and press OK button.

  • Continuously Press F8 to get boot menu option.
  • Then Select “Safe Mode with command Prompt and then click Enter.

Step 2 – Stop Ransomware Related Process From Task Manager

  • Then Log in computer and go to command prompt.
  • Type “Taskmgr.exe” and then open Task Manager.
  • Then move to process tab and stop all ransomware related process.
  • End Task manager and back to command prompt.

Step 3 – Remove UltraDeCrypter related Entries From Registry Editor

  • Look for the related registry values and remove them.
  • Then Type Shutdown and reboot system again.

If your system is still infected with UltraDeCrypter, then you should adopt an effective tool known as automatic scanner tool. To know how actually it works, click here – User Guide Of Free Scanner.

How to Prevent UltraDeCrypter Infection

Here are some of the useful tips to help in protecting your computer from virus attack and malware activities.

  • You should install an effective anti-malware program to guard your computer against malware and threats.
  • It is very necessary to download critical update for installed programs. Crucial programs need to be updated are MS Windows, MS Office, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, and Java Runtime.
  • SmartScreen Filter, Phishing and Malware Protection, and Block Attack Sites are the security features of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox to secure your private data and avoid identity theft.
  • Antivirus programs and security features of Internet browser facilitates real-time protection and monitors harmful activities online.

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