Does Encryption Protect Your Data From Ransomware?

Ransomware is like nightmare and no one wants to fall victim of this dangerous threat. Ransomware are those piece of malicious software which is designed to encrypt data stored on the targeted computer. if you own a system, you must have stored lost of important and confidential data on it and you never want to lose access of these data. However the best protection against these threat is to backup your important data on some safe storage device, but nowadays people also practice encryption to protect their data against ransomware.

But the big question is can encryption gives complete security to your data? Does it help you to fight against data encrypting threat. Well, before we know that, let’s see what actually the encryption is.

What Is Meant By Encryption?

Encryption is one of the oldest technique which is used sine 1989 when the first ransomware came in the knowledge. The process include switching of information for bits of the code. Encryption can be simple like swapping one letter to other such as B TO C, C to d and so on. But compare to that time, we have more advanced technology related to encryption. Once encryption is done, one can see only long strings of indecipherable or unbreakable code instead of the actual data. In that situation one can only decrypt encrypted data with the use of a correct unique key.

Ransomware is also like a encryption where cyber criminals get access of your system and encrypt files using encryption algorithms. In that situation, victim can only get access of data when they have the unique key which is stored by cyber criminals on their command and control server. But the cyber crooks demand a huge amount of money to provide that unique key and still there is no guarantee that the unique key works or not.

Encryption Is Like Cutting Iron With Iron

Encrypting files is like cutting iron with iron. As mentioned above, every system contains lots of valuable data and if a hacker take over it, your data become vulnerable. Now the question is, does encryption protect your data? Well, there is no clear answer because encryption will protect your data from being exposed. But if you think that it will protect your files form all consequences of ransomware then you are wrong.

Cyber criminals are so advanced today that they can also encrypt those files that are already encrypted. Therefore it is not recommended to depend on encryption only for protecting data against ransomware. There are some security measures which you should follow to keep your data protected, such as :

  • Always have backup : As mentioned above, if you have backup of your files then you can easily restore them without paying ransom money or being worried that crooks will destroy your data.
  • Avoid unwanted click : Hackers send ransomware package into download, links and spam email. So avoid clicking on unknown links and do not open attachment you get from spam email.
  • Update your software : Keep your OS and software updated. Ransomware can be injected into your system via security flaw in outdated software which is installed on the system.

So, encryption only is not capable to protect your data. If you want complete protection against such file encrypting threat, you should also follow the above mentioned security measures.

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