Easily Remove AngleWare Ransomware : Best Removal Method

Easily Remove AngleWare Ransomware : Best Removal Method
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AngleWare Ransomware

AngleWare Ransomware is a latest emerged file encrypting threat which belongs to the Hidden tear project. This ransomware is also considered as a variant of the infamous Mafiaware ransomware. Like other Hidden tear member, it was also offered as a educational ransomware by Utku Sen. According to the malware researcher, the very ransomware primarily target the PC user of English speaking countries. Being a nasty threat, it silently lurk into any system and start running its malicious activities. After successful infiltration, it scans the compromised system and check for every file and folder stored on it. In order to encrypts its targeted file, it applies one of the complex encryption algorithm known as AES cryptography. If your computer become target of this ransomware then you are unable to access your files. It is only possible with the unique decryption key which is stored on criminals server.

Detail information of AngleWare Ransomware

After successful infiltration, AngleWare Ransomware make new entries in the Windows registry. These entries are designed specially help the virus get automatic start with every launch of operating system. The ransomware is capable of encrypting number of file types which includes image, audio, video, pdf, database, document etc. The encrypted files can be recognized easily because it add ‘.AngleWare‘ extension to all of them. Once it complete the encryption, it drop a ransom note file on the victims desktop which read as “READ_ME.txt”. The ransom note inform victim about encryption and also state the demand of criminals which is required to get back your files. Here is the snap of AngleWare ransom note:

The developer of AngleWare Ransomware want the victim to pay 3 Bit-coins on the wallet address provided in the ransom note. They also remind to take a screen-shot of transaction detail and send it to [email protected]. The screen-shot which is send to the criminals is taken as a request of decryptor. Remember that 3 Bit-coin is not a small amount, it is equal to 2,935 USD. It is never suggested to pay the ransom even the amount is affordable because criminals can deny from giving the decryptor or give you the useless one. To limit the damage of ransomware, user should make backup of their data to other storage device. Different Av vendor find the following files associated with the AngleWare Ransomware :

  • Malware/Win32.Generic.C1020407
  • Gen:Heur.Ransom.HiddenTears.1
  • Ransom:MSIL/Ryzerlo.A
  • Trojan ( 700000121 )
  • Ransom.FileCryptor!8.1A7
  • Ransom_BLOCCATO.SM

Dealing with the AngleWare Ransomware

AngleWare Ransomware is counted among the dangerous ransomware because it not only encrypt files, it is also capable of deleting teh shadow volume copies form the Windows. It make the encryption more effective. As stated above, if you are victim of this ransomware and want to decrypt your files then don’t go for the ransom in any way. Through this way you will help the criminals to continue their malicious business. If you have backup on other storage device then you can restore your files otherwise you have to make use of recovery program. But it is strongly recommended to remove AngleWare Ransomware before you go for file restoration. If the threat exist in your system it again strikes your file.

Removing AngleWare Ransomware

A ransomware not only encrypt files, it can also bring other threat in your system to help it carry out attack further. To remove the threat manually you can use the following removal steps.

Step 1: Restart your PC in Safe Mode with Networking

  • Click start button > click Shutdown button.
  • Now Click on Restart > click OK.
  • Keep pressing F8 key once your PC become active.
  • It launch the Advanced Boot Options window.
  • Select Safe Mode with Networking

Step 2 : Stop malicious process From Task Manager

  • Press the Windows + R button together.
  • A run box will appear on your screen
  • Now type “taskmgr” in run box
  • After that click on OK button.
  • Select malicious process from Process tab
  • Click on End process tab

Step 3 : Remove ransomware via control panel

  • Click on Start menu > Control Panel
  • Now go to programs option > click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Search for ransomware related files
  • Select the suspicious program and click Uninstall/Change
  • Click OK to save the changes.

However, the manual steps are not so effective and to use them you must be a computer expert. Hence, it should be best if you use Free-scanner which remove any threat completely from PC.

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