Easy Steps to Get Rid of Screenify malware

Easy Steps to Get Rid of Screenify malware
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About Screenify

Screeny is basically categorized as an adware which is allows the user to access the modification properties of their screen lights along with the other setting related to the desktop. Not even this but it also displays fake offers to choose the different modes of the desktop but in actual it bears a malicious face. In starting it may seems to be an useful application but meanwhile it infiltrates the whole system even without your concern. It keeps displaying the potentially unwanted ads and popups on your PC simultaneously and hence degrades the speed of your system.

Screeny behaves so cunningly as a secret player and instantly it gets loaded on your PC. It is capable of stealing your confidential information and disclose it to the remote attackers who is meant to misuse it in a harsh manner. This cunning infectious malware actually bears a hidden monster face and trouble you once get enters to your system, if you will try to eliminate, it will still be available with its functions in your system and keep displaying again and again on your screen.

Screenify enters on the targeted system which generally comes with the packing of freeware, junked mails, or other malicious links from unfamiliar source and once you open it, you got to found that your system is being infected by this malicious threat without your permission. Hence, it is strictly advised you not to get any kind of freeware or open any links from unfamiliar source without getting information about its properties. Screenify gathers the confidential data including browsing history, IP address (for geo-location), detailed list of downloaded software, hardware specification and many more. It will serve you several options such as taking screen-shots of your desktop and all but once you tapped in its web, it will start generating no. of ads whether you want or not. This malware is generally compatible with Windows operating system and can affect almost all common browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.


Instantly while booting the system, several annoying ads will be generated automatically and your browser launching will redirects you to a new tab consisting og the site promoted by this malware which are designed to earn profit in malicious manner. It is sufficiently capable of messing your system by overloading the browsing traffic and behaving it weirdly. So, if you got to found any of the symptoms related to this malicious threat, remove it urgently.

Cause of Screenify infection to your system:

  • Installing the free applications from unfamiliar root.
  • Using bad quality of anti-virus and of out-of-date versions.
  • Unconscious click on any random ads may lead to this threat.
  • Playing free games and surfing randomly may cause to welcome this infection
  • Peer to Peer file sharing can be the medium to transport this malware threat.

Malicious impact of Screenify on your system :

  • It is the prominent one to slow down the speed of your system along with the Internet.
  • It secretly enters to system and steals all your confidential data.
  • It opens the back door for the third party and disclose the privacy to them.
  • It annoys you and completely snatch you peace of mind by continuously displaying the random ads.
  • It jams the browsing traffic and even block your access to the sites of your choice.

Manual Step to Remove Queen Coupons Ads From PC :

This nasty adware if injected to your system the must be removed urgently. Following are the removal steps given below:

Removal steps of Screenify from Chrome:

  • Go to the Chrome icon and click on it.
  • Move your cursor to Tools and then choose Extensions.
  • Select all the related Extensions and then go to Trash and click on it.
  • Press Confirm in the dialog box and the click on Remove button.

Reset Chrome :

  • Reach Wrench icon and choose option of settings.
  • Select the Advance settings option and then click on Reset Browser Settings.
  • Confirm after clicking on Reset button to remove Screenify.

Removal steps of Screenify from Firefox:

  • Open Firefox and type “about:addons” on the given address bar.
  • Then click on Extensions tab.
  • Go to the Screenify and click on Remove button.

Reset Firefox:

  • Go to Firefox, choosee Help option and then choose the option Troubleshooting Information.
  • Click on Reset Firefox and then click it again to confirm it.
  • Lastly click on Finish to reset it.

Hence, by the following these removable steps you can get rid of this nasty Screenify malware. If you are not able of removing this malware threat from the manual steps then you not need to worry anymore as you can remove it using Free Scan Tool easily.

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