Eliminate kms-r@1n.exe : How To Remove kms-r@1n.exe Manually

Eliminate kms-r@1n.exe : How To Remove kms-r@1n.exe Manually
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kms-r@1n.exe is deemed as a Trojan horse, and mainly attack on Windows latest version like Windows 8, 8.1, 10. The whole program is coded by cyber crooks to make an easy infiltration to the system. It also program to steal vital information from the system, generally people use their system to store some information, like bank account details, email id and password are also saved on the system also your personal files that includes photos some private videos and few documents. These all data- sensitive data is been stolen by the cyber hackers. kms-r@1n.exe make sure that the hacker connect the system remotely to nearby server, which also make it highly risky Trojan virus.english_download

kms-r@1n.exe will not only steal the information but send them to other remotely connected hacker which they misuse to earn money. As the virus enter into the system it will create such havoc on system that user will unable to access a single files and application for few moment. All the running process and program will be stopped by this harmful virus. What make this virus to infect your system, how the virus target your system and steal some personal information from it. Well the virus will not get into the system by itself, unless user don’t make any mistake. However no matter how the virus get into the system, you must take some serious steps to remove kms-r@1n.exe from the system.

Usually you will see that after downloading few software from internet or after visiting few malicious sites the kms-r@1n.exe Trojan virus will make an entry into the system. On visiting malicious site you always see some pop-up ads or few redirected links shown, while clicking on them ca infect your system with nasty malware and that cab be dangerous for your system. Once the Trojan horse virus will successfully executed into the system this will make few unwanted modification on the system. These modification will make sure that user will not detect the program as Trojan virus and it work on your PC as a regular program.


You will notice while your system will act slow and some of the program will not respond well, while opening them. Regularly the system will ask you restart the system or even without any notice the system will restart or shut down. This happen because the Trojan virus will run on background and download multiples of nasty program into the system. Thus you must need to eliminate this kms-r@1n.exe Trojan virus from the system.

How To Remove kms-r@1n.exe :

Inject malicious files and registry entries into your computer. Change background, shortcuts, and boot times. After rebooting the system is activated, they are malicious files that are hidden in the software that is downloaded from the Internet. If you do nothing and let go, kms-r@1n.exe could steal your banking information that you can download all kinds of malicious applications on your computer without your permission, and that could allow hackers to connect to the computer remotely. Of course, the input may be due to other serious computer infections. In fact, it is not so easy to tell how the Trojan slipped onto your PC, because these threats could find different ways to do so. Therefore immediately remove kms-r@1n.exe from the system.

Remove Running Files from Task Manager

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Windows Task Manager


Under Windows Task Manager>>click on Processes Tab.

Search for the suspicious process that running>>click on End Process.

Delete File from Registry Entry

Press “Windows key + R key” to open Run window.

Type “regedit” in Run window and click on enter button.


Locate and remove registry files created by Trojan Virus

Uninstall from Windows 8

Type Control Panel on search box

Click on Control panel to open it

On Control Panel Window sselect Programs & Features option


Click on Uninstall a program

Find and select nasty application

Click on Uninstall

Uninstall from Windows 7

Click on Start

Then Select Control Panel

In Control Panel window, go to programs and features


Now click on uninstall a program

Select program

Then click Uninstall


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