Eliminate New Folder.exe From Your PC

Eliminate New Folder.exe From Your PC
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New Folder.exe is categorized as one of the most dangerous Trojan virus that can infiltrated your desktop very easily without user consent. It uses so many ways for the penetration in the user desktop that is not easily predictable by you. It can inserted into the user desktop via spam or junk email attachments and other ways. Most of the time it is accidentally installed on your desktop when you download and installed files and softwares from sites that is unknown for you. Not inky this but New Folder.exe may be also sneaks into your computer when you insert some external devices such as pen drive, memory card and so on.

It is more dangerous than other virus with some unusual effects. It hides folders in USB drives, disables registry editor, disables task manager, disables folder options, and disables run option from start menu. New Folder.exe creates exe files like the icon of folders with the same name of the folder in USB storage device and hard disk , not only this but it is found that it ues more than 50 % of your computer processor usage that’s why you will see that it slows down your computer speed day by day. You will be irritated when you delete this virus and it recreates its file every time after your removal. The Newfolder virus is not easy to be removed, even re-formatting the drive, it always come back after reboot. So it is important to remove New Folder.exe from your computer if it get infected your PC.

Harmful Effects Of New Folder.exe On Your Desktop

  • You will be always familiar with advertising banners while visiting web pages.
  • There is a lot of chance that web page text is converted into hyperlinks.
  • Different types of browser pop ups appear which provides fake updates or other software.
  • It will also insert different types of malicious threats without user’s consent.
  • It will create lots of .exe file in your different parts of computer.

How New Folder.exe Enters Your Computer

  • It enters in your computer through junk and sapm email attachments.
  • It may infiltrate your computer with the help of a third-party software.
  • Peer to peer sharing can also becomes the reason behind its infiltration.
  • The virus can may enters by visiting some untrusted websites.
  • Accidentally clicking unknown ads, links can propagate the threat.

Manual removal Process Of New Folder.exe

1. Press “Ctrl+ Shift + Esc” keys to open Windows Task Manager


2. On clicking Processes you will get New Folder.exe and select End process.

Uninstall New Folder.exe from Control Panel

Windows 10

Select Start Menu >> open All Apps >> Search New Folder.exe then right-click on it and select Uninstall:

Windows 8

Open Start button;

In search box type “control panel” and open it.

Select New Folder.exe and click Uninstall

Win 7 / Vista / XP

Click Start button then open Control Panel.

Click Uninstall a program to open Programs and Features

Select New Folder.exe and then click Uninstall

Delete New Folder.exe from web browser

Google Chrome:

Open the Chrome menu >> click Tools >> select Extensions >> Click the trash can icon to uninstall New Folder.exe and such unwanted extensions

Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer >> select Tools button >> open Manage add-ons >> Disable or Remove the New Folder.exe.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open the menu button on firefox >> selectt Add-ons >> select the Extensions or Appearance panel >> delete New Folder.exe.

After doing so much effort if you are facing problem while uninstallation of the New Folder.exe from your computer then you don’t have to be worried as the Free Scanner can easily and safely delete New Folder.exe from your desktop. Not only this but it will also remove all malicious threat that is already installed your desktop and it also prevent you from these type of dangerous threat from infiltration.

Scan Your PC To Remove New Folder.exe

User Guide To Remove New Folder.exe With Free Scanner

Step 1: Firstly install and run the free scanner and then start scanning by selecting scan options.


Step 2:Secondly after completion of scan process, all the virus and malware list will be displayed.


Step 3: Spyware HelpDesk: This feature is only for licensed version user that provide a 24×7 help service .


Step 4: System Guard: It help your desktop from Safedownloadsrus183.com pop-up and other related malicious threat.


Step 5: Network Sentry: This feature provide a full protected network service and also save your web browser by changing with harmful threats and saves your desktop from redirection issue.


Step 6: Scan Scheduler: It can preset a time for your desktop which may be a day a week or a month for scanning process, the computer must be turned on at that particular moment.


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