How To Eliminate SONAR.SuspScript!g1 From Windows System

How To Eliminate SONAR.SuspScript!g1 From Windows System
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The developers have programmed this SONAR.SuspScript!g1 as a heuristic detection on March 28, 2017. This detection is done to find the malicious scripts files present on the Windows system. Well it have also some harmful properties which is not that much risky. Yes, if the SONAR.SuspScript!g1 will be stay on the system for long time it will be dangerous for the system. As it is programmed to detect harmful script launchers which is saved on the system. The developers of this heuristic detection have recently update its version after few hours of the release of this SONAR.SuspScript!g1.

The SONAR.SuspScript!g1 Trojan virus is able to infect any Windows computer and steal information identifies infected computer. It is very harmful threats only mission is to steal important data from victims computer. Completely messes with system performance and also lead to changes in the default browser settings. After the successful invasion of SONAR.SuspScript!g1 the computing is never easy. With all the bad reasons to allow remote access to hackers attackers compromised computer created this Trojan virus and were widely distributed throughout the network.english_download

Such activities may put your system at risk of damage due to unwanted and potentially harmful files that are automatically introduced by this Trojan. This SONAR.SuspScript!g1 is a type of non-self-replicating malicious packet belonging to the category of Trojan that contains malicious code and is designed with effective properties that are used to attack a threat to your computer.

  • Compile malicious files on the system
  • Steal IDs and passwords saved on web browser
  • Unintentionally updates files and installed program
  • Uninstall some application which stop it
  • Send the information about system to hacker

Usually SONAR.SuspScript!g1 infection that causes data loss or theft and possible damage to the system, sometimes resulting in serious problems. In addition to these activities, there are a number of actions that this threat including deleting data, copying data, block data, edit data and interruption performance computers and computer networks. SONAR.SuspScript!g1 comes with features Exploit that contain data or code used to abuse bugs in the software application that is already running on the computer.


In addition, SONAR.SuspScript!g1 leading to the collapse of the whole system, data corruption, is also able to format the drive, leading to the destruction of all content, edit or delete files for different purposes and turn off firewall and antivirus installed for the purpose of download similar threats on the computer.

Manual Steps To Eliminate SONAR.SuspScript!g1 From Control Panel

  • Click on Start menu → Open Control Panel
  • Select the malicious program associated with SONAR.SuspScript!g1
  • Click on “Uninstall a Program”
  • Click “Uninstall” Button

Remove SONAR.SuspScript!g1 From Task manager

  • Right click on the task bar >>> it will display some option
  • Then you have to select task manager.
  • Under the processes tab >>> you have to right click on the unwanted process
  • Then click End process.

Remove SONAR.SuspScript!g1 From Registries

  • For the very first, launch the windows registry editor.
  • Select start button >> then click on run.
  • Type here regedit inside the text box, then press OK.
  • In the Registry Editor >>> locate and delete the following subkeys:
  • Delete a subkey in the Registry Editor.
  • Close the Registry Editor.
  • Restart the computer.


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