Get Deep Analysis And Easy Removal Steps Of Meteoritan Ransomware

Get Deep Analysis And Easy Removal Steps Of Meteoritan Ransomware
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Meteoritan Ransomware belongs to a large family of ransomware Trojans that was identified by PC security analyst on the March 22nd, 2017. The Meteoritan Ransomware presents itself as file encryption Trojan that is programmed to propagate into systems via corrupted macro scripts along with corrupted documents sent via junk e-mail message. The ransomware able to lock files on local drives, removable media and network assigned storage. The threat generates a unique key for the system and proceeds to encrypt data with a custom-built AES 256 cipher.

The ransomware is a threat that’s motive to modify the content on the compromised PC so that it becomes unaccessible or unreadable. After infection, a consequence a ransom note is displayed on the computer screen of the victim’s machine, and the user is welcomed to make a payment using Bitcoins to receive a key as well as decryption software, which helps to revert the modifications done by this hazardous Meteoritan Ransomware Trojan. The ransomware is named in the wake of the logo displays to users only after the malware has accomplished working on the victim’s computer.

The logo properties the name of ‘Meteoritan Ransomware’ and features a wave sign whose colored is orange and red. The culprits behind the Meteoritan Ransomware is known to affected users in North America, Western Europe, South America and Central Australia. The ransomware functions similarly to threats as like the Kirk Ransomware and the Turkish Ransomware, which collaborated shortly before Meteoritan made its appearance. This ransomware is a deadly computer virus that will harmful your PC and also extort money from you, So it is important to remove this malware as soon as possible from your system and make it virus free.

Meteoritan Ransomware Trojan affects data containers that are belongs to following formats.


Affected user may found ‘readme_your_files_have_been_encrypted.txt’ and ‘where_are_your_files.txt‘ on their desktops, which are created by the Meteoritan Ransomware and serve as notifications. Both the files offer the same content which states following message.


Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted by RSA-4096 alghorythm generated by your computer, if you want to restore your files, you must get a decryption key.

How can I get decrypt key?

1. Send E-Mail to [email protected] with your ID. Your ID is in METEORITAN.POLAND file, open in Notepad.

2. Get Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a cryptovalute, which can pay. Use these sites:,,,

3. In e-mail turning, we get a value of your key. Pay it.

4. In 24 hours you get an decrypt key. If you don’t see e-mail, check spam catalogue.

5. Run aplication and enter your key.


The Decryption Key is Stored on the PC but Remains Unreach

Files that were changed by the ransomware Trojan lose their original thumbnails and icon, which are substituted for a generic white icon. The Meteoritan Ransomware does not arrive with a trademarked extension like the ‘.odin File Extension’ Ransomware and computer users may have difficulties in estimating the volume of data that was modified by Meteoritan. Moreover, the ransomware Trojan is designed to work in off-line mode and features an embedded RSA20148 cryptographic algorithm that is used to obfuscate the encryption key. The decryption key is saved in METEORITAN.RAMSOM, which can be found in the Temp directory. Affected users are suggested to open METEORITAN.POLAND for their ID number.

Remove Meteoritan Ransomware’s Ransom Note

Delete Meteoritan Ransomware From Registry

Click on Start button → Then Clink on Run → And type “regedit” command in the Run box to open Windows Registry Editor. Then delete all suspicious registries entries which is secretly generated by infection in your Windows PC.

Get Rid of Meteoritan Ransomware Program From Control Panel

Open Control Panel and click on Uninstall Program and select unwanted programs and Meteoritan Ransomware from the appearing then click on Uninstall button to get rid of uninvited application completely from PC.

Kill the Meteoritan Ransomware Process From Task Managers

In order to terminate running process of Meteoritan Ransomware from Task Manager then all you need to press CTRL+ALT+ DEL button from keyword → Click on Task Manager → Right Click on the harmful processes → Click on End Task.

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