Get Rid Of Easy Arcade New Tab : Easy Removal Steps

Get Rid Of Easy Arcade New Tab : Easy Removal Steps
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Easy Arcade New Tab

Easy Arcade New Tab is a potentially unwanted program which is promoted as a helpful browser extension. It is developed by APN, LLC which present is as a useful extension which help user to enjoy lots of interesting online games easily. Everyone like to play online game specially if it is free of cost. So the features of this program easily attract any user but is is provide as claim? No, it is an unwanted program which is only disguise as a helpful tool but the prime motive behind creating it is to generate revenue though advertising. However, the extension support only Chrome browser but it can also affect other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and more. Having such program in your PC is not safe because it can cause several annoying problem. Therefore, it should be removed from the system soon.

What Make Easy Arcade New Tab Unsafe?

Initially it is tough to say that Easy Arcade New Tab is an unsafe program because of the feature which it claim to provide. It is identical to GoGameGo which is also developed by APN, LLC but not accepted by user due to its questionable activities. The main reason behind considering this extension unsafe is it supports adware. Beside that it is also capable to modify settings of your default web browser specially Google chrome. This mean, if it exist on your system then it urge you to change your default search engine to It also provide quick links to several other website which make it look legitimate. But no matter how useful it look, you must remove it. Here is a snap of the feature which it claim to provide.

Negative Impacts Of Easy Arcade New Tab

There are several questionable activity of Easy Arcade New Tab which can leave negative impact on your computer. As mentioned above, it is an ad supported program which means you will continuously get ads during your browsing session. The ads are use to promote third party service and create web traffic for their site. The ads will throw you to unknown site where you may encounter other infection. On the other hand, developer refuse to collect users data and also deny from interference of third party but all is fake. It is known to collect personal data such as location, IP address, Internet activity, search results etc. If you don’t want to take risk with your privacy then remove Easy Arcade New Tab.

How Easy Arcade New Tab Get Inside My PC?

However, this program has an official website which provide link to download it but in most of the cases user not remember if they install this program. Such extension come bundled with other software which is either free of cost or pirated. Hence it is necessary to read term and condition of any program before you install it in your system. Doing hurry while installing such program will let the additional unwanted program to get install in your PC. This is why expert always advise to go for custom or advance installation setting.

Removing Easy Arcade New Tab

If Easy Arcade New Tab exist on your system then it should be removed soon otherwise it can also bring other unwanted program. In order to remove it from Google chrome, you can use the following steps.

Step 1 : Remove Easy Arcade New Tab From Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome > Click on Wrench icon
  • Select Tool >>Then, Select Extensions.
  • Select related extension > Click on Trash Icon.
  • Confirm from Confirmation dialog box.
  • Click on Remove button.

Step 2 : Reset your homepage if modified

  • Open Chrome and go to settings
  • Now go to the search section
  • Click on Manage Search engines
  • In search engine remove the malicious site
  • Set your preferred homepage

Step 3 : Reset Google Chrome

  • Click on Wrench icon > Select setting options.
  • Now go to “Show advanced settings” option
  • Click On it and Hit enter at Reset Browser Settings
  • Confirm to reset option to remove Easy Arcade New Tab
  • Restart the browser for better effect

If you are unable to remove the malicious extension even after using the manual steps then don’t be sad. It is recommended to use Free-scanner which scan your system and remove Easy Arcade New Tab completely from it.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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