Get Rid Off Search Optimization : Best Removal Steps

Get Rid Off Search Optimization : Best Removal Steps
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Search Optimization

Search Optimization is an extension which is promoted as a helpful program. The developer of this program present it as search helper which improve your browsing experience. The extension is available for the chrome browser for free of cost. It claim to provide better and filtered search result with the help of its own search engine. Everyone want perfect result during online session to save time and the feature which this program claim to provide seem helpful. But as suggested by expert, it is a potentially unwanted program which is created by the intension of generating online money via advertising. This clearly indicate that instead of enhancing your browsing experience it will degrade it down. However it is not a virus but if it present in your system then you will face lots of trouble during your online operation. Therefore you should try to remove it quickly from your system.

What Are The Negative Activities Of Search Optimization?

Similar to other potentially unwanted program, Search Optimization extension silently enters the system via deceptive ways. The main target of this unwanted program is your default web browser so it first attack it. However it is created for Chrome only but there is nothing which prevent it to attack other web browser such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. After attacking the browser it alter its settings and also replace the default homepage. This will bring a new search engine in place of the default one. The fake search engine brought by this extension is identical to legitimate search provider such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. But there is big difference in the working of this fake search provider or the genuine one.

After the invasion of Search Optimization you will notice number of changes during your browsing session. You will see that some new tan automatically get opened in the browser and the opened website get redirected towards some unknown page. Beside that your browsing activity also get ruined by the presence of annoying ads which repeatedly display on your screen. Its fake search engine may appear safe but the search result provided by it contain ads and links. So if you us the search provider then you will frequently get redirected towards unsafe site. In addition it is also a threat for your privacy because it tracks your online activity and collect browsing data. If you want to keep your data and PC safe then remove Search Optimization now.

How Search Optimization Invade My PC?

Many user have same query that how this unwanted program get installed in the system even they never download it. As mentioned above potentially unwanted program use deceptive ways to infiltrate any system. We usually get attracted toward such software and blindly download it. Remember such freeware contain several unwanted program such as this extension. If you don’t pay attention during installation of such program then all the additional file silently sneak in the system. That’s the reason expert always recommend to select custom or advance setting during installation of any program. Beside that it can also insert in your system if you visit malicious site, click on misleading ads or links.

Instructions To Remove Search Optimization

User should not underestimate Search Optimization because it can also bring some more unwanted program in the system. If you want to get rid of this program then use the following manual removal steps.

Step 1 : Turn on safe browsing features in Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and type chrome://settings/ in address bar
  • Then click on show advance setting
  • Then locate the privacy section
  • Finally mark Protect you and your device from dangerous sites

Step 2 : Remove Search Optimization From Google chrome

  • First open Chrome browser and click on menu from top-right corner
  • Then click on the More tools and Extensions
  • Select unwanted extension related to Search Optimization
  • Remove the selected extension by clicking on recycle bin.

Step 3 : Reset Google Chrome Settings

  • Open Google Chrome and click on menu option.
  • Click on settings from the drop down list
  • A search box will appear, type RESET.
  • Click Reset button to complete the process.

If you are unable to remove the program using manual removal steps then don’t worry. With the help of Free-scanner you can remove it completely from your system.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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