Get Rid Of Pro Flip Ads : Adware Removal Steps

Get Rid Of Pro Flip Ads : Adware Removal Steps
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If you are getting Pro Flip Ads then it means an adware is already installed on your system which is known as Pro Flip. It is a kind of browser extension which is presented as a helpful program which enhance your online shopping experience. According to the developer, this program will help user to get their favorite online product at lower price. It is specially designed for Chrome web browser and as stated by its author, user have to install this extension in order to enjoy their shopping. Its features seems to be identical to Up Pro and Super Coupon Pro. Everyone wants to save their money and get offers, so the features provided by this adware program may sound interesting but the realty is something else. This program is created by the mean of generating revenue via misleading and aggressive advertisement. Therefore, having this program in your PC is not safe.

Negative consequences of Pro Flip

Initially, it is not easy to decide that Pro Flip is legitimate or unreliable, because of the offers which it claim to provide. It only pretends to be legitimate but it does not provide information about its company, developer and there are no details of contact available on Like a potentially unwanted program, it silently appear on your system and start running its annoying activities. Upon successful installation, it add the extension to your Chrome browser. As a consequence whenever you open your browser, lots of ads start displaying on your screen which contains text like Pro Flip Ads, Ads by Pro Flip, Presented by Pro Flip etc.

User should avoid clicking on the ads because it will lead you to unsafe site where you can get more unreliable program. In addition, it is linked to, which is a kind of redirect portal to marketing materials. The site is linked with several other adware program and may include links to malicious advertisements. It also claims to add a panel in the top corner of your browser where you may find interesting offers, coupons, deals and discounts on products at online stores such as eBay, Amazon and Wall-Mart. Hence, expert advise to remove it from the PC without believing on its feature. Here is a snap of features which Pro Flip claims to provide.

Privacy risk associated with Pro Flip

However, author of Pro Flip claim to take care of user privacy and safety but it doesn’t do so. After deep analyzing, expert report that the program is not safe from the privacy point of view. It is designed to run in the background and scan all the web-pages that you visit, collect personal data such as download log and Internet history. Further, it send these collected information to its affiliated site to display targeted promotional ads on the webpage which you load. Beside that it also modify the way your web browser connect to remote server which offer advertisement. It means it will reroute you to unsafe portal and display misleading ads.

Instructions to remove Pro Flip adware

If you don’t want to take risk about your privacy and want to get rid of Pro Flip Ads then you must have to remove the Pro Flip adware from your PC. To remove it from your Chrome browser you can follow these removal steps.

Step 1 : Remove Pro Flip From Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome > Click on Wrench icon
  • Select Tool >>Then, Select Extensions.
  • Select related extension > Click on Trash Icon.
  • Confirm from Confirmation dialog box.
  • Click on Remove button.

Step 2 : Reset your homepage if modified

  • Open Chrome and go to settings
  • Now go to the search section
  • Click on Manage Search engines
  • In search engine remove the malicious site
  • Set your preferred homepage

Step 3 : Reset Google Chrome

  • Click on Wrench icon > Select setting options.
  • Now go to “Show advanced settings” option
  • Click On it and Hit enter at Reset Browser Settings
  • Confirm to reset option to remove Pro Flip
  • Restart the browser for better effect

If you are seeing the ads even after using the above manual steps then don’t get panic. You can get rid of it completely by using Free-scanner. It is easy to use and remove any unwanted program completely form your system.

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