How To Get Rid of [email protected] Encrypt Virus From Windows 7

How To Get Rid of [email protected] Encrypt Virus From Windows 7
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Hello Friends! Somehow [email protected] Encrypt Virus got on my System and encrypted my all files. i really don’t known how to get back my files. If you have any idea regarding this then please suggest me as soon as possible to remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus and get back my file.file-encrytion-virus

Threat’s Summary:-

Threat’s Name –             [email protected] Encrypt Virus
Type –                             Ransomware
Risk Impact –                 High
Description –                  Encrypts user all files and ask to pay some ransom money
Distribution Method – Bundled with freeware or sharewre programs, junk mail attachments, porn sites, infected media devices, torrent files etc
Removal Tool –              Free Scanner Tool

[email protected] Encrypt Virus is labeled as very dangerous ransomware infection which is upgraded from the infamous ransomware such as [email protected], TelsaCrypt and RSA-40869. The major harmful symptom of this ransomware infection is to adds some weird extension like crypt or crypted on each files and blocked your all personal files including word documents, excel files, photos, word documents etc. meanwhile, it will display a black screen warning message or a TXT file in which it suggest that user have to follow its instruction to decrypt their files. Lots of user believed on such a fake warning messages and start to follow their instruction but user should avoid them because it will not decrypt your files completely. Instruction is actually a tricky way which is used by cyber criminals to make money from you. Therefore, paying a ransom fee is really bad decision that may make both lose your files and money.

Scan Your PC To Remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus

Once your System is affected with [email protected] Encrypt Virus, you have to suffer from big loss. It will automatically change your homepage and default search engine without your knowledge and permission. It exhibits unstoppable fake alerts or warning messages and pop-up windows across the desktop screen which will annoys you a lot. This type of threat is created by scammers who always try to spy your search entries, browsing habits and crucial data. In short, it is a very harmful or terrible infection for user System which not only release user privacy but also keeps PC at high risk. So it is advised by expert that user should remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus immediately from the affected machine.

How [email protected] Encrypt Virus Intrudes Into Your System –

[email protected] Encrypt Virus is really very tricky and deceptive in nature which uses lots of malicious way to intrudes into the affected System. This threat produce variety of Spam-emails or junk mail attachments with the theme of bank bill of user credit card, so that it easily catch the attentions of innocent users even they don’t have any credit card. Besides this, it is attached within bundled of freeware packages, torrent files, malicious sites, infected media devices and many more. So it is highly suggested by expert that user should pay attention carefully while installing any freeware packages they must be download any free stuffs or software from reliable sources, they must be read Eula completely, choose always custom installation option in place of default installation etc. Through these prevention tips, user can easily avoid the chance for the intrusion [email protected] Encrypt Virus.

Effect caused by [email protected] Encrypt Virus –

[email protected] Encrypt Virus is able to encrypt user all files to blackmail them even when they are persuaded to buy its key. The main motive of this virus to destroy user all files and make money from them. After intruding into the targeted PC, it has various symptoms, some of them are as follows –

  • Slows down user System, Internet or network connection and causes poor System performance.
  • Exhibits various commercial ads.
  • Affects almost all version of windows based web browser and hijacks browser.
  • Redirects user web browsers to affected pages.
  • Lead you to a system crash.
  • Encrypts your important files and asks for money to decrypt them
  • Secretly install additional malware infections onto your computer
  • Steal your all vital and confidential information

How To Remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus From Windows 7 –

To remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus from Windows 7 an effective manual solution is provided here. Follow the instruction carefully and remove it from your affected PC.

Step 1 – Boot your Windows 7 System into ‘Safe Mode With Command Prompt’:

  • Restart your PC, which can be easily done by pressing Alt + 4 on keyword and selecting Restart option from the drop-down menu.
  • Keep pressing F8 button on keyboard to get boot menu option.
  • By using the arrows key choose ‘safe Mode With Command Prompt’ and press Enter.

Step 2 – End [email protected] Encrypt Virus and other ransomware related process from Task manager:

  • After log in to your Windows 7 PC, you will find a Command Prompt.
  • Type “taskmgr.exe” and hit Enter to open the Task Manager.
  • Go to the Process tab and end all [email protected] Encrypt Virus and ransomware related process
  • At last close the Task Manager and go back to the Command Prompt.

Step 3 – Remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus and ransomware related entries from Registry Editor:

  • In the Command Prompt, type “regedit” and hit Enter
  • Look for the following registry values and remove them.
  1. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft \WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
  • Now close the Registry Editor and go back to the Command Prompt.
  • Type “shutdown/r/t 0” and click on Enter to reboot the PC again in normal mode.

By using above mentioned instructions, you will definitely remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus from your Windows 7 PC but it will consumes lots of time and effort. This manual method is mainly used by only technical expert user who have complete skills or knowledge of System and removal method. If you are a non-technical user then you should avoid manual method and use any third-party tool.

Automatic Removal Method To Delete [email protected] Encrypt Virus From Windows 7 –

To remove [email protected] Encrypt Virus, there are numerous third-party tool available in the market but among all Free Scanner Tool is the best tool which is featured with highly advanced features. This effective tool is specially designed by professional experts using highly advanced and sophisticated algorithm. The best thing about this powerful tool is it’s user-friendly interface which makes it very easy and convenient-to-use. User guidelines of Free Scanner Tool

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