Get Rid Of : Best Removal Steps

Get Rid Of : Best Removal Steps
Rate this post is deceptive website which can arise several issues if get attached with your system. However, author of this site present it as a safe and legitimate search engine which can enhance your browsing experience. It also provide the option to make your search using any of the popular search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Initially the features which it claim to provide may sound useful but reality is something else. It is an unsafe site which is also categorized as a browser hijacker. The one and only purpose of this site is to generate revenue for its author via advertising in improper way. If it get attached with your system, it will do several changes into it. User, who use this site has reported several problem about it specially during online session. Therefore, it is suggested remove it if you notice it in your system.

Information about

  • Domain name :
  • IP Address :
  • Created on : 2016-07-01
  • Updated on : 2017-03-09
  • Registrar : ENOM, INC.

Negative impacts of

However, is not a malware but it can cause several issues in your system. Remember, it silently enter in your system which make it identical to a potentially unwanted program. As mentioned above, it replace your search engine and also alter the preset setting of your default browser. Remember, you cant revert the changes unless you remove it form your PC. It is not easy to differentiate between a safe search provider and this bogus domain. Because it also provide search result of your searched keyword like a genuine search provider. But you must know that its search result contain links and ads of third party site. Hence using this search engine is not safe in anyway.

As mentioned above, the main motive of is to generate revenue for its author so the ads are displayed to do so. By displaying ads and links in search result, it try to endorse third party product and create web traffic for them. Beside that user should also get lots of ads on each website which they open in the modified browser. With the help of these ads it generate pay per click revenue. It should be best for you if not click on the ads because it will cause redirection toward unknown site where you can end up infecting your system. It doesn’t perform any security check before providing ads or search result which is mentioned in the section 8, Article F: and privacy risk

After deep analyzing, expert report that there are several type of privacy risk associated with It make use of spy cookies which track the online activity of user. Beside that it also collect your browsing data such as searched keywords, visited sites, saved bookmark and more. Later, it send these details to its partner site which use it to display ads related to user’s interest to increase the chance of getting more click. In addition it also use these information for some other malicious purpose. Hence, it is recommended to remove as you notice it in your PC.

Removal instruction of

If you are also facing issues due to and want to remove it from your system then don’t worry. You can remove it from two ways manual or automatic (Recommended) method. To remove it manually, you can use the following steps.

Remove suspicious plug-in from Web browser

From Internet explorer

  • Launch IE > click on Tools button > Manage add-ons
  • Click Tool-bars and Extensions
  • Then select
  • Remove all the malicious extension
  • Delete add-on and click Disable button.

From Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on menu > select Add-ons.
  • Add-ons Manager will be opened.
  • Choose Extensions panel from Add-ons Manager.
  • Remove all suspicious extensions .
  • Disable or remove of
  • Click Restart now if it pops up.

From Google Chrome

  • Open Google chrome > click on menu button.
  • Go to browser tool-bar > click on Tools.
  • Select Extensions > Click the trash can icon.
  • Remove all extensions related to
  • Click Remove in the confirmation dialog box.

If you are not able to remove with the manual steps then don’t worry. You can use free-scanner which completely remove the hijacker form your system in few clicks.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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