Guide to Remove pop-up from PC

Guide to Remove pop-up from PC
Rate this post pop-up is a kind of potentially unwanted program that is mostly caused due to adware virus. Being an add-support extension it can proves to be really annoying as well as risky for your PC in infected. This nasty malware infection is been programmed and distributed by the evil cyber crooks in order to earn quick money by tricking the users with online scam. It comes inside the targeted computer by stealth and get initiated into the running web browsers without even users consent. It is such a viscous malware infection that it monitor your entire online activities and then promote several fake adds, pop-up messages, banners, discount offers, deals, coupon codes etc. according to the users interest. It is very important to remove pop-up at the earliest or else it will bring severe damage in your PC in just no time.

Well, pop-up is a very cunning malware infection that travels through network and can deploy several highly mischievous tactics in order to invade in your computer system such as software bungling, social engineering, email scooping, network sharing, using infected media drives and many more. However, once this potentially unwanted program manages to invades in your computer system then you are likely to experience severe issues in your PC like system crash, slow Internet speed, application malfunctioning and many more. Whats more, it even alter the crucial settings in your system and disable all the security measures which makes your system and easy victim for other spyware and threat. Therefore, it is recommended to the users to get rid of pop-up potentially unwanted program as soon as it detected in your computer system and make your PC safe as well as protected.

Scan Your PC To Remove pop-up

Well, as pop-up is an add-support program hence it mainly affects your online activities. Anyway, it is annoying enough to ruin your entire browsing experience and can even cause serious financial crisis issue for you. It is important to remove this malicious extension completely from your web browser in order to protect your system.

Remove pop-up Manually

Removing pop-up malware infection is not that easy specially if you are looking for manual removal. However, still with right technique you can remove this critical virus manually from your PC, follow the instructions to get rid of this nasty malware infection completely from Google Chrome browser.

Remove pop-up From Googel Chrome Extension

  • Open Google Chrome browser and Click on “Menu” icon.
  • Click on “Setting” option from the drop down list.
  • Tap the “Extension” tab.
  • Find pop-up related extension and Click “Trash Can” icon to remove it.

After, removing this critical malware infection from your web browser, it is important to reset your browser setting. Follow the bellow listed steps in order to restore setting in browser.

Reset Your Google Chrome Settings

  • Open Chrome and click “Menu” icon.
  • Click the “Setting” menu.
  • Select “Show Advance Settings” link.
  • Now locate and click “Reset Browser Setting” button.
  • Again tap “Reset” button.
  • Close and restart Google Chrome browser.

Enable Phishing and Malware Protection in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and click on Menu and then click on Settings.
  • Now find and click on Show advanced Settings option.
  • In Privacy section, check Enable phishing and malware protection.
  • In the end restart your browser to save the settings.

Remove pop-up Automatically from PC

In case even after using the all the above steps if your system is still infected with pop-up virus then you should better opt for a Free Scanner Tool. It is an ultimate solution to remove all kinds of nasty malware infection from Windows PC. It is quick, effective and very easy to use tool that can quickly detect and remove this threat completely from your Windows PC.

Users Guide For Free Scanner Tool

Step 1:- After installation launch the Tool on your PC. On the main interface you need to check the box next to the item and click “Start Remove” button.


Step 2:Spyware Helpdesk, will provide support in order to solve all kinds of malware related issue.


Step 3:- Its advanced System Guards feature will automatically blocks all kinds of malicious process from executing on your computer.


Step 4:Network Sentry, will give you control over your system networking settings and it will also also prevent your system from unwanted modification in your Internet connection.


Step 5:- With its amazing Scan Scheduler, feature you can easily schedule the complete scan of your system.


Step 6:- Custom Scan, will customize the entire scanning process for you and saves your lots of time. It enables the users to scan particular section of your system including Cookies, Files, memory registry or Rootkits.


Step 7:- The function Backup, is very useful for the users as it allows you to create a backup of all your important files and with rollback feature you can easily restore data when needed.


Step 8: Exclusions, feature allows the users select objects to exclude from detection in future by Free Scanner Tool scan’


Step 9:- General Settings, provides you several ways to customize the entire removal processor and personalize users experience.


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