Guide To Remove Moxigo Search Efficiently From PC

Guide To Remove Moxigo Search Efficiently From PC
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Moxigo Search

Moxigo Search is a deceptive program which is presented as an useful tool that enhance browsing experience. Actually it is an extension which is created by a company known as Moxigo. It will set as the default search engine. According to the developer this search engine can enhance users browsing experience by providing proper and filtered results. It also provide some quick access icon of useful website such as YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Gmail, eBay etc. Beside that it also allow the user to add their favorite site at the interface. All these things sound good and look interesting but beware because it is a browser hijacker. Because of its interesting features and genuine looking interface many user start using it as a result they end up infecting their system. It will arise issue instead of enhancing your experience, so having it in your system is not safe at all.

What are the negative impacts of Moxigo Search?

Maybe Moxigo Search appear legitimate but it contains several deceptive activities which you never want. Firstly, it silently get inside the system which make it similar to a potentially unwanted program. Second, it hijacks the default web browser and garble its pre-set settings. This result in weird activity of the browser and set as the default search engine. This search engine is designed so that it look identical to Like a genuine search engine it also bring the result for your searched keyword but the results contain third party links or ads. The main motive for which it is created for is to generate income via online advertising and to achieve its target it display ads in the search result.

So, if you use the search result of Moxigo Search then you will be frequently redirected towards unknown site. These site may online store or maybe some malicious site which contain harmful threat. These redirection not only ruin your online activity but also infect your system. Not only this, it is also reported for tracking the online activity of infected system. This mean what are you browsing on Internet will be recorded. Through this way it also collect the browsing data which include your searched keywords, visited sites, bookmark etc. Later it will share these details with advertiser for income purpose and as a result you will get tons of ads during your browsing session. Remove Moxigo Search now if you also notice it in your system.

How Moxigo Search get inside my system?

Just like a potentially unwanted program Moxigo Search can also invade your system via different mean. One of the frequently used way of disturbing such program is software bundling method. You can see thousands of free software available on Web which look like legitimate or helpful. But remember these freeware not come alone, they contain several type of additional program with them. So if you install freeware and select the default settings then obviously the additional program such as PUP or browser hijacker get inside the system. So for the safety of your computer always select custom or advance settings to install any program.

Instructions to remove Moxigo Search

User should not underestimate Moxigo Search because it can also bring some more harmful infection in the PC. If your system is infected and you want to remove it then use the following manual removal steps.

Remove Moxigo Search From Firefox

  • Click the menu button >> Select “Add-ons” option.
  • Once “Add-ons” page has loaded >> Go to “Extensions” tab.
  • Now, Select either “Disable” or “Remove” button.
  • Finally Restart your browser

Delete Moxigo Search From Internet Explorer

  • Start Internet explorer > click on the Gear icon
  • Click on ‘Manage add-ons’ then select Tool-bars and Extensions tab.
  • Find out unknown add-ons and click on ‘Disable’
  • If unable to delete the add-on then click on remove and click Close.

Uninstall Moxigo Search From Google Chrome

  • Start Chrome browser, click on menu
  • Now click on the More tools and Extensions
  • Select unwanted extension
  • Click on ‘Recycle Bin’ to remove them.

Even after going through the manual removal steps if you are still having the issue then don’t worry. You can use Free-scanner, this is an automatic tool that completely removes the hijacker from PC.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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