How To Delete NegozI ransomware From PC

How To Delete NegozI ransomware From PC
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Need help! My system is infected with notorious NegozI ransomware. Now I am unable to access my files stored in PC. I tried my antivirus but it has disable it and again appears on system. I don’t know what to do now. Anyone can suggest me how to delete NegozI ransomware completely from PC.

unauthorized-accessShort Description of NegozI ransomware –

Security researchers recently reported a new crypto malware, named NegozI ransomware. Its victims said that, this virus infection attach “.evil” extension to the encrypted files and demands ransom to provide decryption keys. This ransomware performs its vicious activities and drives you nuts. It enters victim’s computer without user’s consent using enormous complex technique. In general, it uses spam mail attachments, downloading freeware from unethical sites, sharing torrent files etc. It slows down PC performance and later causes crashing of system.

Technical behavior Of NegozI ransomware –

Right now, limited information is available about the NegozI ransomware. After infiltration, an executable and batch file is created and ransomware make new entries in Windows registry to formulate its vicious activities. Executable files runs on random basis just to get different names on every system.

Registry entries created are –

  • HKLM/Software/Microsoft/WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon/Shell
  • HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/

This process is used to automatically gets loaded into the system upon every restart. Then onwards it drops ransom note as shown below –

All your files have been encrypted with NegozI Ransomware.

For each file unique ,strong key. Algorithm AES256

All your attempts to restore files on their own, lead to the loss of the possibility of recovery and we are not going to help you.

All your actions are traced and known to us.

If you do not make payment within 5 days, you will lose the ability to decrypt them.

Make your Bitcoin Wallet on: https://www.coinbase(.)com/ , or http://blockchain(.)info

How to buy /sell and send Bitcoin:




After the payment, send the wallet from which paid and your uniq ID to mail : [email protected](.)me

After receiving the payment, we will contact and give you decryption tools and faq how to decrypt your files.

How NegozI ransomware Propagates?

NegozI ransomware is catastrophic virus which arrives on system to make severe damages. Most commonly, when you open any unsafe email attachments, the malicious virus inserts its code into the system in order to get installed successfully. Its code is hidden in the text email itself which comes into play just after opening the message. Apart from this, social network and file sharing services are also responsible for its intrusion into the system. Some of the ransomware also get distributed via exploit kits. Last but not the least, Torrent sites often set to spread Trojan horse and it is also said that ransomware may get invade with the help of Trojan. So, whether you are professional or general PC users, it is advised to handle the malicious stuffs carefully.

Harmful Traits of NegozI ransomware

  • Encrypt your valuable files and folders to make you unable to access files and further data loss

  • Track all your browsing habits and will even disable task manager.

  • Add corrupt registries in Windows Registry Editor to make PC non responsive.

  • Drain out your personal and confidential data including credential details by tracking online activities.

  • Changes in system’s appearance and continous degradation in system’s performance.

  • DNS settings, browser’s settings, desktop back ground and other essential setting all of sudden get changed.

Therefore, if your system is infected with NegozI ransomware, then you should instantly remove it without wasting time. Read the below given instructions to know how to uninstall NegozI ransomware from PC safely.

Effective Steps To Eliminate NegozI ransomware From PC

Typically, there are two technique using which you can remove NegozI ransomware from system. First of all, if you have technical knowledge regarding PC, then you can prefer manual method but if you don’t then it is prohibited to use. So, the best way to remove it by adopting an effective tool known as automatic scanner tool.

Manually Remove NegozI ransomware From Windows 7

Step 1 – Restart PC. Press Alt + F4 on keyboard, select Restart from drop-down menu and press OK button.

  • Continuously Press F8 to get boot menu option.
  • Then Select “Safe Mode with command Prompt and then click Enter.

Step 2 – Stop Ransomware Related Process From Task Manager

  • Then Log in computer and go to command prompt.
  • Type “Taskmgr.exe” and then open Task Manager.
  • Then move to process tab and stop all ransomware related process.
  • End Task manager and back to command prompt.

Step 3 – Remove NegozI ransomware related Entries From Registry Editor

  • Look for the related registry values and remove them.
  • Then Type Shutdown and reboot system again.

User Guide To Remove NegozI ransomware

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