How To Get Rid of .ezz File Extension Ransomware From PC

How To Get Rid of .ezz File Extension Ransomware From PC
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Name – .ezz File Extension Ransomware
Category – Ransomware
Risk Level – High
Symptoms – Files are encrypted with adding its own extension at end of file name.

.ezz File Extension Ransomware is breakneck virus designed by cyber crooks. It is one of the top file encryption virus these days. In fact, security experts said that it comes wrapped with third party software. Mostly, when users run any freeware installer, this threat is loaded over the system. It encrypts all personal files and documents such as photos, audios, videos and other existing files on PC. Even, with the passage of time, more files get locked. It attach its extension at the end of every encrypted file. After that hackers send warning messages to pay ransom in order to decrypt file. It also scares users by saying if you will not pay money, it will lock your system soon.

Scan Your PC To Remove .ezz File Extension Ransomware

However most of the user save important files and data, they just want to restore file. Even, they may agree to pay ransom to get back their valuable files. Trust me, paying hackers is bad option. There is no guarantee that you will get your files back or not. Its just a trap to get user’s bank account details to further perform robbery. So, you should never pay money. In order to get back files, you can move towards its removal process. Moreover, it floods computer’s default setting and drive users crazy. This virus also not allow to perform online task against it.

Therefore, your primary aim is to remove .ezz File Extension Ransomware virus from system. You can eliminate it using an effective and skillful tool known as free scanner. Thus, read the instructions carefully to delete it. Before that lets have a glimpse on its harmful properties.

  • It makes connection with remote server to further damage system with other viruses.
  • It creates lots of junks on hard drive to slow down system processing.
  • It hijacks web browsers installed in the system and takes over homepage
  • It redirects to phishing sites designed with the motive to cheat users.
  • It spy your activities and collects personal information.

Is it suitable to pay ransom demanded by .ezz File Extension Ransomware?

Its not as simple as it pretends to be. Like you pay ransom and get all your files. Don’t forget that you are dealing with cyber criminals. When you pay ransom to them, it may going to help them in designing more advance and powerful virus. Moreover, it neither unlocks your files nor get away from PC. Since all these are managed by automatic software system, nobody is going to assist you regarding this. So, it is highly suggested to never pay money to these blackmailers to avoid other problems in the system.

How To Remove .ezz File Extension Ransomware?

You should instantly removed when you get .ezz File Extension Ransomware virus in your system. There are two techniques using which you can perform deletion of it. First of all, you can choose manual process to remove it. But for using it you should have technical knowledge of PC. If you don’t then don’t try to implement it. Though, it may cause disaster to your system. Don’t worry, I have a better option for you, using that you can effortlessly remove this virus permanently from PC. You can perform full scan of PC using free scanner . But before moving on it lets have a look on manual steps of removal.

Manual Removal Method of .ezz File Extension Ransomware (Recommended To PC’s Experts)

Step 1 – Uninstall .ezz File Extension Ransomware from Control Panel.

  1. Press “Windows key + R key” to open Run window.
    2. Type “control panel” in Run window and click on enter button.
    3. Click on Uninstall program.
    4. Right click on .ezz File Extension Ransomware and click uninstall.

Step 2 – Remove .ezz File Extension Ransomware from Chrome, Firefox and IE.

For Chrome – Open Google Chrome > click on menu > click Tools > click Extension > select .ezz File Extension Ransomware > click trash bin

For Firefox – Open Firefox, click on browser menu at top right > select add-ons > select .ezz File Extension Ransomware extension > remove it with disable or remove button.

For IE – Open IE > click Tools > click Manager Add-on Tools and extensions > select .ezz File Extension Ransomware extension > remove it with disable or remove button.

Step 3 – Delete .ezz File Extension Ransomware from Registry.

  1. Press “Windows key + R key” to open Run window.
    2. Type “regedit” in Run window and click on enter button.
    3. Locate and remove registry files created by .ezz File Extension Ransomware

User Guide To Perform Free Scan OF PC (Recommended To All Users)

Step 1 – First of all download and install automatic removal tool. After installation, click on “Scan Computer” option to start scanning process. It will scan system your system to detect .ezz File Extension Ransomware and other threats present in the system.

Step 2 – Now you can select a particular section to scan like cookies, rootkit, memory files, system memory and registry entries.


Step 3 – After that it blocks malicious entry and other suspicious activities on system and protect registry section, process section, process control and active X control.


Step 4 – Even, you can sort out all trouble related to the system to fix problems.


Step 5 – Tool protect system network connectivity and block the modification by unauthorized access.


Step 6 – It having additional feature to scan PC at regular interval of time pre-set either weekly or monthly.


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