How To Get Rid Of NanoLocker Ransomware From PC Completely?

How To Get Rid Of NanoLocker Ransomware From PC Completely?
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NanoLocker Ransomware is the new threat that uses advanced techniques to encrypt the victim files and demands ransom money in order to provide the decryption key to unlock the locked file. Its developer uses the same practices and conducts as the RSA 4096 Ransomware and Shade Ransomware performs. It uses the AES-258 encryption algorithm to encrypt your system files. This ransomware searches for video, audio and documents file whose sizes are not bigger than 50 MB and encrypt them silently. Its developer keeps their Command and control server in the TOR network in order to avoid the identification by law enforcement department. The ransom message by NanoLocker Ransomware is written in HTML, JPEG and TXT file to direct the users to compose an email from and It demands the ransom money in the form of bitcoins and also provides the steps to convert the dollar into bitcoins. In most of the cases the ransom money is demanded for more than $800 to get back their data. However, it is suggested by many security experts that you should not pay the ransom money to get the decryption key. As there is no guarantee that your system files will be unlocked even your crucial details that were used during the payment of ransom money will be collected by its developers. NanoLocker Ransomware also displays a warning message stating that if you try another process to unlock your file then the locked will be deleted permanently.

How NanoLocker Ransomware Infiltrates into PC?

1. The NanoLocker Ransomware uses the traditional way like the opening of Spam email attachment arrived from unverified persons.

2. In most of the cases it has been found that this ransomware infection installs in the PC with the help of Trojan infection present in the system.

3. The free download of software from unknown and unethical websites may bring threats including ransomware in your system.

4. It may also arrive in the PC via different fake pop-up ads and banners which are constantly displayed on the browsers screen.

Is NanoLocker Ransomware dangerous?

  • The NanoLocker Ransomware encrypts the important system files and demands the ransom money to provide the decryption key.
  • It will make your system unstable and system files inaccessible.
  • It will disable the common antivirus program installed in the system in order to perform its evil conducts.
  • It may steal your confidential data like banking details, phone number and others browsers related information that causes big financial loss.
  • Yours system will act strangely and will not let you to access anything on the web browsers.

Removal Of NanoLocker Ransomware

Automatic Removal Method

The Automatic Removal Method is the best and popular software that efficiently scans the entire drive of the system to detect and delete the NanoLocker Ransomware and other infections related to it. It has user friendly interface that helps you to complete the uninstallation process easily. It automatically restore all the changes made by this ransomware infection and unlocks all the locked files and folders.

Manual Removal Of NanoLocker Ransomware

Step 1 – Uninstall NanoLocker Ransomware and other unwanted programs in control panel
1. Click start button and then select control panel
2. Click on “view by category”option and click uninstall a program
control panel
3. Select Add/Remove Programs
4. Check your program list and uninstall those program that are suspicious.

Step 2 – End NanoLocker Ransomware with the help of Task Manager

1. Press “CTRL + ALT+ DEL” keys to open the Windows Task Manager
2. Click Processes then search for NanoLocker Ransomware process and select End process.


Step 3 – Delete the registry values of NanoLocker Ransomware
1. Click Start and select the RUN command


2. Type “regedit” and press Enter to open Registry Editor.
3. Delete the files that are related to NanoLocker Ransomware

Scan Your PC To Remove NanoLocker Ransomware

User guide

Step 1: Soon after downloading and installing NanoLocker Ransomware removal tool, select scan computer Now option to start the scanning process.


Step 2: Once the scanning process is successfully completed ,lists of infections including NanoLocker Ransomware will be displayed.


Step 3: One can easily contact and make use of our security support desk 24×7 for any assistance related to NanoLocker Ransomware infection


Step 4: It enables real time protection against NanoLocker Ransomware infection and other malware in the future.


Step 5: This process gives full control over system and settings. It helps to prevent NanoLocker Ransomware from changing your Browser settings, Internet and its DNS settings.


Step 6: It facilitates the user to use a scheduler when a system has to go for complete scan either for day, week or month.


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