How to Remove RAA-SEP ransomware From Your PC

How to Remove RAA-SEP ransomware From Your PC
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Last night, I was searching for inspiration video all over the Internet and I found a link containing message “click here, to watch this video in full HD mode”. When I clicked there it responded me to update flash player so that I installed that flash player update but still I couldn’t see the video. I felt irritated so I shutdown my PC after some time but when I restarted my PC I was unable to access my all type of files like audio, video, photo, excel, documents, pdf etc. Now I’m getting a ransom note. Someone is blackmailing me to pay $300 in BitCoin. What is happening in my PC ? How can I get back my files back? help me, please!

About RAA-SEP ransomware

RAA-SEP ransomware is a threatening PC virus categorized as a ransomware that encrypts your personal files and leave a ransom note in your PC. Ransom note contains further instructions for unlocking files and victims details. There something unique in this ransomware, it comes along with Pony Infostealer Trojan that will be used as a spyware for monitoring your online activities and stealing your confidential information as well. You might think that your PC is secured with antivirus and firewall. how is it possible? Your right there but RAA-SEP ransomware is developed by experienced cyber crooks. So that it can not be detected as a threat by many antivirus software. It bypass the scanning process by communication with antivirus as a system file.

Scan Your PC to Remove RAA-SEP ransomware

Threat Summary

Name RAA-SEP ransomware
Class Ransomware
Risk Level High
Symptoms It encrypts your files and append .locked extension which becomes inaccessible, displays ransom note to pay upto $250 in order to get private key,you may see README.rtf files in your PC
Distribution Spam emails, freeware, compromised website, USB devices
Description Its coding is entirely done in JAVAScript, distribute .JS file, encrypts users’ file without their permission, contact with hackers remotely for taking instruction, can steal your confidential informations
Affected OS Windows OS (All version)

How to prevent your PC from getting infected by RAA-SEP ransomware?

RAA-SEP ransomware obtains access to your PC via spam emails that may contain harmful executable code or links, do not open that without verifying first about the senders, read EULA and confirm every steps manually while installing freeware in your PC, Do not open suspicious links while visiting websites. Scan USB devices before using it in your PC, Be careful while using file sharing networks as well.

Common symptoms of RAA-SEP ransomware.

  • You may get ransom note that contains payment instruction and victims’ details.
  • Your personal files must be inaccessible and appended with .locked extension.
  • Your confidential informations such as login details of bank
  • accounts or social accounts or email accounts may be leaked
  • Your system performance must be degraded

We advise you to remove RAA-SEP ransomware from your system immediately. You can remove this ransomware in ways. They are :

  • Manually
  • Automatically

Method 1: Manual Deletion Of RAA-SEP ransomware

You are advised to remove all associated files from the system control panel. The steps for accessing the Control Panel varies from OS to OS

For Windows-8 and 8.1 operating system users

  • Right click on the bottom left corner of the desktop screen

  • From the left menu select Control Panel

  • Tap or click to Uninstall a program under Programs and Features.

  • Find all the files and programs associated with System Infected: RAA-SEP ransomware.

  • Click to Uninstall button.

  • Restart your computer to see the changes.

For Windows 7 / Vista operating system users

  • Click Start button then select Control Panel.

  • Select Programs and Features >> Uninstall a program.

  • From the program list select files and programs associated to RAA-SEP ransomware.

  • Tap or click to uninstall button.

  • Restart your computer to see the changes.

For Windows XP operating system users

  • Click to Start button

  • From the menu select Control Panel

  • Select Add / Remove Programs.

  • Locate RAA-SEP ransomware or other suspicious files.

  • Click the Remove button

  • Restart the computer to see the changes.

Method 2: Automatic Deletion of RAA-SEP ransomware

If you’re unable to remove RAA-SEP ransomware  completely from your system manually, you can remove RAA-SEP ransomware from your PC using automatic RAA-SEP ransomware scanner. It removes ransomware viruses from your PC automatically so that you don’t need to put too much effort. It will be very helpful for keeping your PC and data safe from ransomware viruses. Only you need to install this tool and follow user’s guideline.


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