HVACking And CVE-2019-9569 Flaw : New Danger For Network Device

Industry and organization has always been on target of cyber criminals. Latest research report reveal a new term which is used to endanger cyber security and it is known as HVACking. This hacking term is introduced by researcher of a known security firm and it is widely utilized building controller system which is created to manage different system. The systems which comes under HVAC attack include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, alarms, pressure level in the controlled environments. According to report, this dangerous vulnerability is detected under the advisory to track a flaw known as CVE-2019-9569.

The flaw was discovered with the help of an automatic software testing process known as Fuzzing, According to researcher, the vulnerability is very dangerous because it allow an attacker to control network of an unpatched system. As a result, attackers can manage different building controls which is connected to the affected device.

More Detail About CVE-2019-9569 Vulnerability

CVE-2019-9569 is a flaw and once it is exploited successfully by attackers, it allow them to execute code on remote target. As revealed by the researcher team, cyber criminals can attempt attack even they don’t know the location of targeted system on network. To let such attacks happen, the attacker use broadcast traffic. However, if crooks know IP address of targeted device, they can carry out the exploit over Internet which result in increased impact. As reported in security reports, the main reason behind CVE-2019-9569 flaw is mismatch in the size of memory which is used to manage incoming network data.

To cause problem in enterprise and industrial environments, attacker take over operating system of enteliBUS Manager. however it is not enough, hence the attacker also try to gain access to system which it controls. Vulnerabilities such as CVE-2019-9569 show the importance of the secure coding on every device. If these ICS devices are not secured properly, it cause serious harm to business as well as people. In order to fix this security flaw, the security company detected this vulnerability suggest extending security practices on all the network device.

Practices To Improve Security Of Your Network Device

Network devices are ideal target for attackers and with the flaw like CVE-2019-9569 they can easily attack these devices. Hence it is necessary to follow the security practices to improve security of network device. Here are some tips to secure network device :

  • Limit unnecessary communication : Do not allow P2P communications because it can create vulnerability allow attacker access over the device and to spread it to other system.
  • Safeguard your network device : A best way to enhance security of network device is to secure its configuration. Disable unwanted services and implement strong password.
  • Separation of important information : Separate your important information and security requirement into a segment of network. Apply secure configuration to network layers.
  • Follow out of band (OoB) management : Make sure that the management traffic on your device comes from OoB only. Put encryption to all channels related to management.

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