Jigsaw Ransomware Deletes More Files The Longer You Delay Paying


Being a regular computer user, you all are familiar with the ransom virus. You too know how ransomware presence into your computer is harmful and what issues can it bring. One such very critical ransom virus is Jigsaw Ransomware which has been classified as very notorious and dangerous one.

Step to buy bitcoins and pay ransomware to authors for decryption keys is really some hard to understand. In spite some cyber criminals expect their victims to pay ransom amount under an hour to get all their files back. Jigsaw Ransomware is newly detected ransom virus program dubbed Jigsaw encrypts users’ files. And now after at regular interval it begins to delete them. This activity continues until victim pays the ransom amount demanded which equivalent of $150 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The very ransomware deletes one file after the every first hour get surpassed and pif more delay happens increases number of files deletion every 60-minute cycle. More worse, it can do that, If no payment made within 72 hours, remaining files will be deleted permanently.

“Try anything funny and the computer has several safety measures to delete your files”.


Jigsaw killer’s mask like the horror film series Saw. According to computer experts tech support forum BleepingComputer.com, the very ransomware program can deletes upto 1,000 files every time you restarts the computer. BleepingComputer.com founder Lawrence Abrams states in a blog post that he has seen this type of computer threats first time.

Jigsaw Ransomware is how dangerous you come to know but the good news is that malware experts found a method to decrypt files affected by Jigsaw without paying the ransom amount. For this you need to follow the step as:-

  • Open the Windows Task Manager,
  • Terminate all processes like named as firefox.exe or drpbx.exe that created by the ransomware.
  • Now, launch the Windows MSConfig utility.
  • Disable startup entry that points to %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Frfx\firefox.exe.

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This process will stop the file deletion process and not let the malware restart when the system boots up. Now you need to download Jigsaw Decrypter utility that been hosted by BleepingComputer.com in order to decrypt their files.

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