JosepCrypt Virus Is The New Ransomware That Collects Data From System

JosepCrypt Virus Is The New Ransomware That Collects Data From System
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Cyber intelligence has reported another crypto virus which is known as JosepCrypt. According to the security analysis, this ransomware is very similar to those file encrypting threat which were detected in year 2018 but the only thing which make it unique from other is its architecture. Some security firm report that the malware is still in development period and its update can be released soon which will more destructive. However it is enough strong to attack any computer but its infection report suggest that it mostly attack system with weak protection. Unfortunately if your system also become victim of JosepCrypt virus then you can’t access your files unless you have a backup.

JosepCrypt Virus : A Crypto Malware Which Use To Gather Data

Ransomware viruses are created only for encrypting data and extorting money from victim. JosepCrypt Virus agenda is not different from other file encrypting threat but it also focus on data gathering. It is suspected that the ransomware is still in development mode so its developer use it to collect data. Collected data will help the cyber criminals to optimize their malicious campaign which will also help them in future attack. According to some security expert the ransomware can use these sensitive data as a protection against security service or products. Expert also consider that the updated version of this ransomware is smart enough to delete itself if unable to bypass security.

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How JosepCrypt Virus Complete Its Encryption Process?

Cyber criminals behind JosepCrypt Virus has designed it to run as a process named drweb32.exe. The process features a irrelevant digital certificate that also allow the threat to evade Anti-virus detection. The ransomware is also configured to erase shadow volume copies of Windows to make decryption more tough. After completing all the necessary process the ransomware will scan drive of infected computer in order to target its suitable file. To make your file completely inaccessible the ransomware use AES and RSA encryption algorithm. Below you can see the file extension which JosepCrypt Virus is capable to encrypt :

The ransomware is also reported to mark the encrypted file with .josep extension. For instance if your file name is “background-image.png” then after encryption it will become “background-image.png.josep”. Every encrypted file is shown in a blank folder with the .josep extension. In the last stage of its encryption process the ransomware delivers a ransom note on victims desktop known as RECOVERY.txt. The ransom note contains message related to decryption which can be seen below :

A l l y o u r f i l e s a r e e n c r y p t e d . I f y o u w a n t t o r e c o v e r t h e y , w r i t e m e t o j o s e p n i v e r i t o @ a o l . c o m Y o u h a v e a 5 d a y s Y O U R K E Y : *****

Dealing With JosepCrypt Virus : Ransomware Protection & Removal

Usually ransomware comes via spam email which is designed to gain trust if user by including logo of reputed organization like Amazon, eBay, Netflix etc. Such spam email attachment contains payload and when user open them their system get infected. The best way to deal with ransomware attack is to make backup of your important data. If you have backup you don’t have to pay ransom or contact cyber criminals for file decryption. File encrypting threat like JosepCrypt Virus are also capable to bring other malware and issue so before you take step to restore file first focus on its removal.

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