Know More Technical Information About

Know More Technical Information About
Rate this post is known to be malicious domain that get inside the system without user preference, and attack on your browsers. It also changes your homepage as well as default search engine settings. If you have discovered as your homepage, then its most likely that your system get infected with and other malware. This is regarded as unsafe computer virus that mainly operates on the third-party platform for searching and users have reported as an invader of their browsers. However according to them, this unfamiliar pest get assigned as their homepage, default search provider and new tab page even without user approval. Other salient features that were noticed after arrival is that there were increased number of the online advertisements with the AdBlocker enabled and self-starting redirection to the remote domains. However this infection is treated as another browser hijacker, entering and rearranging your browsers / operating systems without verification from the users. Results to search queries that are presented contain section of “Ads” that includes malicious URLs to services, products or other types of the websites, that are sponsored by their search engine. After executing multiple keywords in the search box of, here you will notice a short tendency. The links that are shown on the platform indicates the top-places of results belongs to the third-parties that have questionable or straight up negative feedback from its user.


This malicious domain is get associated with the Super Search browser add-on that may be distributed using free bundled software. This super Search add-on works with the, in order to deliver search results that are said to be spot on and rival services like Yahoo and Google. However, this is classified as browser hijacker since the installations of this software happen automatically. Additionally, this add-on do not offer information regarding their governing company and a feedback option.

This hijacker may redirect its user to when they begin an online session, open a new tab and input keywords on the Omnibox, URL bar and search bar. The main objective of the is to generate pay-per click for its developer regardless of their low quality services. As compared to Google and Yahoo, these site do not include adequate search results filters and access cache versions of the pages listed on your screen. Here you should note that may collect all your identifiable information, that would enough to help its users and ad-networks to recognize your PC among others. So, you are highly advised to not trust on this harmful application and delete as early as possible from your PC.


Step By Step Solution To Remove Manually From Windows OS

Remove Suspicious From Control Panel

Windows XP / Vista / 7

  • Click on the Start → Control Panel.
  • It will open up a Window where you can adjust your system settings.

Windows 8 / 10

  • Most easiest way to locate a Control Panel is to use Shortcut key.
  • At first press Windows + R key from keyboard to initiate Run dialogue box.
  • Then you have to type Control Panel in the Open field and click Ok.
  • When control panel Window appears on your screen, just click Uninstall a Program under Programs Tab.
  • Your PC screen shows a Windows where you can uninstall or delete a program.
  • Just choose the from the list and remove it using Uninstall option.
  • On the next prompt you just need to confirm the Uninstall process.
  • Finally click on Ok to proceed with the removal of or any relevant software.

Delete Manually From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Then type the command in the address bar and then press Enter from keyboard as about:addons.
  • Click on the Extensions, that will show installed extensions list.
  • Search extension and click on Uninstall button to remove it.
  • Finally close Add-on Manager.

Automatically Get Rid Of From Windows OS

If you are not satisfied by manual removal steps then you can freely opt Automatic Removal Tool to delete automatically, using a professional built tool known as Automatic Removal Tool. It does not scan your files but also monitors your Internet traffic and is extremely active on blocking your malicious communication. Just click on the below download button and install this tool as early as possible into your system.


User Guide To Download Windows Scanner

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