Know How To Remove nJoyMovies Search Easily From System

Know How To Remove nJoyMovies Search Easily From System
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nJoyMovies Search is known to be another suspicious search page that shows up on your machine. Moreover, you should never use this search engine that suddenly become default ones without your intervention. This program basically comes as bundle and it get added without user confirmation. It generally looks like a regular search engine provider. However it get changes your search results by including tons of commercial links. Additionally, it redirects its search results to another search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, and so on. Most of the security experts found that this dubious search engine site may use cookies and investigate your browsing habits. This usually means that results are modified and will be different from previous ones that you would normally get on the regular engine. However, this means that it allows the user to access highly dangerous Internet sites as well.

It has been already noted that nJoyMovies Search browser hijacker might seems as useful and user friendly tool. First of all, it tends to infiltrate into user machine, without seeking user approval. Hence, you are highly recommended to run a full scan with a reputable anti-malware program.


Thic nJoyMovies Search can be used as harmful browser extensions for Google Chrome that referred as an ad-supported software, that you can find at nJoyMovies Search software can be ever seen under the names of nJoyMovies Now and nJoyMovies Search Plus as well. This harmful extensions is get delivered to computer through a software bundles primarily. However, nJoyMovies Search widget is not the part of Top 50 extensions at the Chrome Web store, and most users amy not get familiar with this app. It get developed by a company titled nJoyApps, and appeared most identical in functionality and named as My Movie Start browser extensions by myAppline that is found at

Both of these apps are reported to redirect its user to content on and aim to appeal to another users who like to explore movies . Both of these apps may perform similar changes to the browser that users may be provided with a re-designed new tab page and new default search provider. However, nJoyMovies Search is get configured to work with while MyMovie Start is get associated with Here, you may want to know that both domains are related to the adware and browser hijackers and are not recommended to Web Surfers. However the PC users who like to install the nJoyMovies Search extensions, should always read the privacy policy and terns of use agreements at and before doing so. nJoyMovies Search is related as an ad-supported app that requires following privileges to provide targeted ads:-

  • Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit.
  • Change your search settings to

Furthermore the company behind the Search may use the extensions to invite the user to share their postal address, contact details, including phone number and email address. The information may get shared with the third-party and you may find personalized offers at and its other related pages. This is not likely to work well with the third-party tools like AdBlock plus, Do Not Track Me and Privacy Badger. Here, web surfers that do not wish to share information about their online with third-parties may want to remove the nJoyMovies Search extensions from Google Chrome using Extensions Manager and also scan their system for persistent tracking cookies with reputed anti-malware program, named as Automatic Removal Tool.


Learn Simple Manual Steps To Delete nJoyMovies Search Manually From Windows PC

Reboot Your System In Safe Mode

Windows 8 / Windows 10

  • At first restart your system and press Shift + F8 keys.
  • Instead of seeing Advanced Boot Options, latest versions of Windows will display Recovery mode.
  • Click on the See Advanced Repair Options.
  • Then tap Troubleshoot.
  • Now, click Advanced Options.
  • On the next window, please choose Windows Startup Settings.
  • Lastly, tap Restart button.
  • Windows 8 / 10 will now restart and boot into Advanced Boot options wherein you can run the system in Safe Mode With Networking.

Windows 7 / XP / Vista

  • At first please restart your computer and before Windows start, just press F8 from your keyboard. Here you will be presented with Advanced Options Menu.
  • From the above selection, just choose Safe Mode With Networking. Please use your keyboard’s arrow up / down to navigate between selections and press Enter to proceed.
  • Once your Windows is running in Safe Mode, open your installed anti-virus program and then update it to the most recent version by automatically downloading necessary updates.
  • Thoroughly scan your system, and remove all your identified threats. You should not turn off your system after the scan process. Here, you still need to run another scan.

Simple Methods To Remove nJoyMovies Search From Windows Control Panel

Windows XP / Vista / 7

  • At first click on the Start button, found at left corner of the screen.
  • Then choose Control Panel to access Settings of Windows.

Windows 8 / 8.1

  • Tap Start → Search function.
  • Then press Windows + Q from your keyboard, to display the Charm bar
  • Tap Magnifying glass icon and search for Control Panel.

Windows 10

  • At first click on the Windows Start button at lower left corner of the screen.
  • Then type Control Panel on the search box, and click on its icon on the search result.
  • You can press Windows + X on the keyboard to display Quick Access Menu.
    Click Control Panel.

Under Programs, click on Uninstall a Program. It will open a program and feature Window, where you can uninstall/ change/ repair installed software.

Look for suspicious programs as nJoyMovies Search, that was installed recently.

Now, click on Installed on, to display all programs list.

Click on the Uninstall option to remove nJoyMovies Search automatically.

If prompts for confirmation, just click on Ok button.

Scan And Delete nJoyMovies Search Using Automatic Removal Tool

To Remove nJoyMovies Search permanently from your screen, you should use genuine and professional built tool named as Automatic Removal Tool. This tool is most useful for scanning and detecting harmful threats from your PC within short time. So, you should always prefer this tool to eliminate suspicious viruses from your infected system.


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