Latest Computer Virus Design in 2018 And Malware Components

Latest Computer Virus Design in 2018 And Malware Components
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With the advancement in technology, there have been great improvement in the information technologies as well as in its use. Information technology where is proved to be a boon for the users, has also been proved as curse for them too. Not is the technology which is developed and has provided benefits to it’s users but computer viruses have also evolved and is continue to emerge as more powerful and more dangerous than ever before. Viruses are created with the only motive of damaging the entire computer system or to extort money from innocent users. Hackers are behind such scams that are conducted to earn illegal profits quickly and easily. Computer malware are growing rapidly with lots of improvement in their technology and infection mechanism.

Viruses are growing due to the creation of new types of malware and their delivery methods. However, still, most of the computer users receive a single executable file for viruses that can execute a predefined script behavior. In fact, the landscape of the computer malware is continuously changing as the next-generation malware programs are being developed. The current attack depicts entirely different manner of handling files. According to reports, it is found that hackers in form of virus infection can remain undetected on the PC for longer time. In this post, some contemporary virus design samples and essential malware components are described.

Several Malware Distribution Techniques

One of the important and primary and important stage is planning. The distribution mechanism have always much more important than the malware components to a large extent. In the past few years, distribution techniques have dramatically shifted due to the use of wide range of tools, web services and advanced mechanisms. As a matter of fact, computer users become victims of computer scam that meant to utilize various social engineering strategies. Some strategies that have been found to be effective in spreading viruses on a large scale are :

  • Software installers
  • Document Macros containing infections
  • Harmful browser scripts

Computer Virus Infection Mechanism

Soon the computer virus has been deployed into the PC, it’s initial stage of infection begins. The next stage is information gathering module. In this particular stage virus is able to extract crucial data from compromised computer. On the basis of security expert’s classifications of data, there are mainly two groups of data, that are :

  • Anonymous Metrics
  • Personally Identifiable Data

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Computer Virus Designs Trends

In the years ago, hackers have tried their best to implement new concepts which is also responsible for extending the capabilities of ongoing malware attack campaigns. Once the hackers have penetrated the network computers, they would undoubtedly initiate various system changes and unwanted modifications. For instance, alterations in the Windows registry may disable certain services. Generally, in order to maintain persistent state of execution such changes are made. Malware can also delete Shadow Volume copies making it difficult to restore data.

Methods To Deal With Virus Infections

Most often, computer users remain unaware of the fact that their computer have been attacked by virus. Security experts have noted that advanced botnets and stealth samples do not give clear indication of their presence. Meanwhile, they have the ability to hook up system processes and remain invisible until users make attempt to investigate about the infection. Hence, the use of quality anti-malware is suggested that can protect users and remove potential threats.

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