Microsoft Explained Cerber Ransomware Corporate Attacks

Microsoft Explained Cerber Ransomware Corporate Attacks
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According to reports, ransomware is covering the market and hitting the targets recklessly. Cerber Ransomware ransomware campaigns continue to make use of spam emails and the web as primary delivery mode. It is seen that most of the corporate victims are caught by wide cast of ransomware operators. Reports also say that ransomware do not typically deploy special tactics to target a specific organizations. Similarly, Cerber Ransomware has been infecting more corporate computers than home based computers. And so, this ransomware has infected around 2144 computers which is uncovered in-between December and January. All corporate endpoints are found to run Windows 10 Enterprises. Reportedly, Microsoft corporation has been fighting with this particular ransomware since July 2016 or may be even earlier. Cerber Ransomware is made to target Office 365 in macros-based attacks.

Brief View On Cerber Ransomware

Researchers of a security firm said that Office 365 were exposed to massive zero-day ransomware attack which consisted of not only ransom note, but an audio warning specifying victim’s file which were encrypted. The ransom money is set at 1.24 bitcoins which equals to 500 US dollars. Cerber Virus is found to have spread via junk emails. Further added, ransomware once got onto user’s machine, victim’s file become encrypted using an encryption method called AES-256 and RSA. These two methods are currently unbreakable. Reportedly, a rough sketch says that about 57% of the corporate sectors have received atleast one copy of this malware into their mailboxes during its time of attack. A variation of this ransomware detected on network mail servers back in the month of March. Thus, it has since regained its second life.

Attacks of Cerber Ransomware

The virus was successfully able to by-pass the Office 365 built-in security tools. The malware researchers also said that the delivery campaigns of this pesky ransomware stretches up to few days or even weeks, all the way implementing similar files and tricks. The company, Microsoft itself said that threat is overblown and Office 365 malware protection has identified the attack and updated to block the ransomware infection withing hours of origination. The infection is not specific to Office 365, only a little percentage of Office 365 users are targeted, further added.

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Ways To Protect Computers

The big question is that how to protect the system. As a matter of fact, a layered defense for system is mandatory. There are number of security tools complimentary to Office 365 that can be implemented to fortify the organizational data against future attack. Users need to stay protected and aware about the deception being going-on internet regarding malwares and threats. Users must know the consequences of reckless surfing and thus they must follow some guidelines in order to protect their system from any hazardous virus. Malwares like ransomware demands huge amount of money which must not be paid by the user under any circumstances instead they better keep their system up-to-date and antivirus program being installed on it.

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