: Simple And Easy Elimination Method may appear as legitimate and decent domain but in real it is a malicious domain which is created by cyber crooks to infect the user’s system. This domain is designed with the purpose of infecting the system and promoting fake services and products of the third party. This is the reason why this domain always appear in a new tab automatically whenever you surf internet which asks you to update your outdated software or to contact xx tech support number provided by the crooks. By displaying these misleading pop-ups or ads, it lures you to click its sponsored ads, links, downloads, pop-ups to purchase its fake products or services.

The reason behind why is categorized as browser hijacker is because of the fact that it is related to web browser add-on components which has the ability to change the internet settings or minimal modify new tab web pages or home page to load other harmful or redirected sites like home page. The domain is found to infect browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and other browsers too. Based on the studies, this website is developed by Cyprus located company Aztec media Inc. The appearance of the site is very simple with a search box at the top of the screen, privacy policy, terms of service and change background image at the bottom of the screen. facilitates you to change the background image as per your mood or requirement. You can search anything using its search box but th thing is that you will get irrelevant search results which does not fit your query. There is huge collection of various landscape and nature photographies used for changing the background image and this is why users get easily attracted to this site. This beautiful feature make you think that is a reliable and trustworthy site.

Furthermore, the privacy policy states that aggregated details provided are not only for improving its services but are shared with third parties which include advertising networks. This may result in filling your inbox with newsletters and commercial offers. So if you are using this website then you need to take quick actions.

Various Distribution Method of

Being a browser hijacker, at first infect the browsers of the compromised system. And to enter user’s system, this virus uses a traditional marketing method called bundling. According to this strategy, this site is added within the installation package of other softwares and spread it as an optional component. On downloading such free software and installing it on the system, skipping the Custom or Advanced installation set-up may install program also without asking your permission because usually this setting does not disclose details about additional softwares. Some other distribution method include spam emails, peer to peer file sharing, clicking unknown ads and links, etc.

What Are The Harms Done By To Your System?

  • It changes the browser’s default home page to site.
  • It automatically redirects you to its site every time you open a new tab in your browser.
  • It has the ability to alter new tab functionality to launch modified search portal page.
  • It can attach unwanted extensions or toolbars to your browser without your permission.
  • can cause continuous redirection to unknown sites.
  • It tracks down browsing activities to produce fake search results based on your query.

Getting Rid Of

The given manual elimination method does not require much effort. All you need to do is to carefully follow the given steps.

Get Rid Of From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open your browser and click on menu icon.
  • Click on Add-ons -> Extensions.
  • Under Extension tab, select all unwanted extensions and click on Remove button.
  • Again goto menu and choose Option -> General.
  • Now, change the URL which you want to keep and click on Restore to default option.
  • Click on OK button.

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