Need To Change Password – BitTorrent Forum Website Hacked

Need To Change Password – BitTorrent Forum Website Hacked
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bittorrent-hackEarlier this week, The BitTorrent team has declared that its community forums website have been hacked by some of the malevolent cyber hackers with the intention to disclosed private information of millions of its users. Its client is over 150 million active a month. According to the presence of data, the forum has over 388,000 registered members with tens of thousands of visitors per day. As you know BitTorrent is a communications protocol of peer-to-peer file sharing in order to transfer data over the Internet. It is mainly used sharing large files, and peer-to-peer networks. Its account estimation is approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic.

ifw_extreme-hacker-paranoid_hp2-100590288-primary.idgeSecurity researchers said that forum database has been exploited by hackers to obtained user’s password along with warning alert to update password immediately. This issues is confronted by one of the vendors. Even, it also says that users get accessibility of downloading a list of forum’s users.

Since BitTorrent and other torrent forums are using Invision Power software (Software deployed by Invision Power Services, Inc. that is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database management system. Invision Power Services sell applications that each can be bought and installed separately in addition to the Suite, the most widely known being the Internet forum software Invision Power Board. Invision Power Suite refers to the combined collection of applications provided by Invision Power Services and is the core of the framework.) and in case, if it gets infected, may lead to the corruption of popular discussion forums. Team is working on finding out if any other relevant information is collected by hackers or not.images

Troy Hunt, security researchers manages to access the stolen database and uploaded to his Data Breach Notification Site which contains email addresses, usernames, IP addresses and salted SHA1 hashed password.

Sometimes, malware infection is also responsible for the hacking of system. As you know, now days Trojan and keyloggers are very popular threats which performs nasty activities after infiltrating the system. Once it gets access, it messes up overall system to put it worst case and most importantly open backdoors for hackers for stealing financial details to accomplish their evil tasks. Even, it gives access on its online activities such as browsing history, session ids, cookies and many more.

Thus, it has been strongly recommended to all of the BitTorrent users to changes their forum passwords as well as password for other sites.

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