Need To Know About crypt0l0cker virus: Delete crypt0l0cker virus Quickly

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Need To Know About crypt0l0cker virus: Delete crypt0l0cker virus Quickly

crypt0l0cker virus is a ransomware program that was released in the beginning of September 2013 that targets all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This ransomware will encrypt certain files using a combination of RSA 2048 encryption. crypt0l0cker virus encrypts all files found on targets’ computers except the following: .ini, .html, .manifest, .tmp, .inf, .url, .chm, .lnk, .log, .cmd, .bat, .scr, .msi, .mp3, .exe, .sys, .dll, .avi, .wav, .gif, .ico, .png, .bmp, and .txt. When it has finished encrypting your files, it will show a crypt0l0cker virus payment message that prompts you to send a ransom of either 2.2 Bitcoins or $983.27 in order to decrypt the files. This message will also states a timer stating that you have certain time period, or 2 weeks to pay the ransom or it will delete your encryption key and you will not have any way to decrypt your files. This ransom must be paid using Bitcoins. Once you send the payment and it is verified, the program will decrypt the files that it encrypted.

Need To Know About crypt0l0cker virus: Delete crypt0l0cker virus Quickly

When you first become infected with crypt0l0cker virus, it will save itself as a random named filename to the root of the %AppData% or %LocalAppData% path. It will then create one of the following autostart entries in the registry to start affecting when you login. Ransomware threats such as crypt0l0cker virus becoming more prevalent for enterprises. The purpose of these malware is quite simple, they are attempting to extort money from their victims with promises of restoring encrypted data. So experts recommended not to pay money and remove this ransomware as soon as possible to make save your data.

Malicious Activities Of crypt0l0cker virus

While being inside and affecting all files from target PC, the ransomware append .encrypted or enc file extension in the dedicated folders containing encrypted files. The ransomware provides DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.txt and DECRYTP_INSTRUCTIONS.html files with instructions on how to pay the ransom amount. There are two file formates for ransom demanding messages such as HOW_TO_RESTORE_FILES.html and HOW_TO_RESTORE_FILES.txt. This type of ransomware targets certain computer user that belongs to Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey,Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Korea. It is a malicious ransomware that uses strong encryption algorithm to encrypt files.

How Criminals Distribute crypt0l0cker virus and Similar Malware

There are several ways in which crypt0l0cker virus can be distributed. Security researchers have observed that various exploit kits are used to infect computers with this ransomware infection and similar infections. These exploit kits that are set up on attack web sites that are malicious portals that immediately attempt to infect visitors’ systems with the crypt0l0cker virus and other malware. Victims are led to these web sites through a combination of social engineering and browser hijacking malware. The virus can also be downloaded by the computer user directly by disguising this threat as a legitimate file, such as a popular movie or video game on a file sharing network. Malware like the crypt0l0cker virus usually distributed through malicious spam email attachments, which pretend itself as a important file for target user. So once the user open this malicious file the code or infectious file executed and all your files encrypted completely.


Removal Method Of crypt0l0cker virus From Infected PC

Delete crypt0l0cker virus From Registry

Click on Start button → Then Clink on Run → And type “regedit” command in the Run box to open Windows Registry Editor. Then delete all suspicious registries entries which is secretly generated by infection in your Windows PC.

Uninstall crypt0l0cker virus Program From Control Panel

Open Control Panel and click on Uninstall Program and select unwanted programs and crypt0l0cker virus from the appearing then click on Uninstall button to get rid of uninvited application completely from PC.

Kill the crypt0l0cker virus Process From Task Manager

In order to terminate running process of crypt0l0cker virus from Task Manager then all you need to press CTRL+ALT+ DEL button from keyword → Click on Task Manager → Right Click on the harmful processes → Click on End Task.


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