New Method Has Found For Modifying And Deleting Facebook Messages Sent To Other Users

New Method Has Found For Modifying And Deleting Facebook Messages Sent To Other Users
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Actually, there has been a lot of buzz about Facebook account hacking. So many peoples are talking that is it possible to hack any account of Facebook. If yes, then how? Just before some days, it was hard to say yes, but recently a research shows that in Facebook Messenger, there is a possibility to modify or alter any if your messages even after pressing the SEND button.

Day to day, our dependency on social media sites are increasing and no doubt, people are happy also. As, it lets us to connect to people from all over the world. Recently, from a research done by Roman Zaikin from cyber security firm Check Point, it has been revealed that, a simple HTML tweak is capable enough to exploit Facebook online chat as well as its Messenger app and also it permit anyone else to change or delete any the sent message, files, pictures or link.

However the threat is so simple and could be easily exploited by some distrustful users so as to send a authenticated link in a Facebook chats or any other group chats and fuhrer that link will be changed to malicious link resulting installation of malware to the device.

Exploit Working Terminology :

Actually, Facebook assigns or put a unique identity called “message_id” to each chat messages and the exploits simply uses this way. As, that message_id could be easily disclosed by sending a request to

And one that unique identity get disclosed, attackers could easily alters message of that respective id and can send it back to Facebook servers and it (that is Facebook server) let that new content as authenticated and legitimate and also put it at its previous place on victim’s PC or smartphone.

“By adopting this trick of exploiting and vulnerabilities, cyber hackers can modify entire chat thread even without any sensing you” said by Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerability Research at Check Point.

Apart this, the hacker is also well capable to apply automation techniques so as to continually deceive security amplification in order to easily modify long-term chat also. So, lastly we only want to praise Facebook to take a active response and also urges to put user’s security at priority. This vulnerabilities has been researched earlier in this months and also herald Facebook related to this fault.

Recently, Facebook on its blog posts published that, as per their investigation, this very small and simple misconfiguration in Messenger app can cause low-risk issue, but, it has been fixed.

In addition, company also state that this exposer could not be exploited to contaminate user’s computer with any kind of distrustful software as because Facebook already using anti-virus filters in order to sense or find threat or malware.

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