New Xbash Malware Strain Is Ready To Infect Windows System

New Xbash Malware Strain Is Ready To Infect Windows System
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New form of malware continuously arise and the Xbash is one of them. Destructive capabilities of this latest threat has put cyber security analysts in worry. According to a report on malware, this threat is among those dangerous threat who arise their head in year 2018. the malware is written in Python language and it has various malicious capabilities. Crypto-mining threat and ransomware are considered as most devastating threat, but what if you come to know that this malware has inimical capabilities of both threat? Yes, it is true and this malware will make your PC part of its Botnet to execute malicious activities. Not only Windows, Xbash is also capable to target Linux server too.

Xbash Malware : Access Data & Reduce Lifespan Of System

Xbash is designed to get access of the database and erase all the information permanently which is stored on them. The malware is operated by criminals through command and control server. From the server it get the list of IP address which need to infect. To find out the types of program and services that is running on the targeted server, malware scan different ports. The malware specially look for those specific services which is used to manage database, transfer files and provide remote desktop access. Through this way it collect data which is transferred to the remote command & control server which is operated by cyber criminals.

As mentioned above, Xbash is equipped with crypto-mining features. After making its place in your system the malware will scan it and find if other coin miner is installed or not. If it found any then it remove it and place its own coin miner. Mining cryptocurrency on a system will consume 100% resource causing system over heat. As a result the lifespan of the victimized system get reduced. The malware is programed to stop its crypto-mining process when user open the Task manager. It means it is really difficult to detect the presence of this threat.

Xbash Has Collected $6400 Using Its Ransomware Property

After attacking the database, Xbash doesn’t preserve the information, instead of that it completely wipe the entire data. After that it replace it with its new database and which is named as PLEASE_READ_ME_XYZ. The replaced database doesn’t contain much information, it has a single table which is known as WARNING. Through this way the malware has collected more than $6400 from victims. The database table created by this malware contains text message which you :

According to report, victims of this malware who pay ransom to cyber criminals never get their data back. This is the reason why it is not suggested to pay ransom. Protecting your system is not easy from this threat but you must follow some preventive measures. Always update all your software because malware like Xbash are designed to use vulnerability of program. Another important thing which you should must do is to download a trustworthy anti-malware application in your computer. this will help you to track any unsafe software which can cause damage to the PC.

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