Remove Trojan.Hancitor | Delete Trojan.Hancitor Quickly From Windows 8

Is your PC infected with Trojan.Hancitor? Have you noticed unwanted modification into your System and browser setting? Is your PC behaves much slower than before? Have you tried lots of method to remove Trojan.Hancitor? If yes then no need to be worry. Go through with this post which provides useful instructions to get rid of Trojan.Hancitor.

Trojan.Hancitor has been detected by security experts as a vicious Trojan infection that appears on your PC secretly to cause lots of damages. It is very aggressive in nature which is able to mess up user System data and their personal information. This threat is capable to attacks on all System that runs on Windows based OS to exploit System vulnerabilities. After intruding into your PC secretly, it will modifies your System, DNS and browser setting and delete your essential files. It can generates error messages and fake security alerts to threaten you to believe that your System is infected. The worst behavior of this threat is to connect you with remote hackers and help them to take control of your infected machine. Usually, it has elusive and miniature features that can do series of unhappy things on your affected machine. Specifically, it has been produced by cyber hackers along with the sole intention to make profit for unknown and third-party. To keep PC safe from further harms or damages, it is highly advised by expert that user should delete Trojan.Hancitor as quickly you can.


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A convenient Way To Remove ExtraBoost ads From PC

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Hi everyone, when I was surfing the Internet an ExtraBoost ads appears in my system. It is showing me lost of attractive offers, deals and discount coupons and claims to save money. Any webpage which I visits are gets covered by unwanted pop-up ads and some alert messages. I observed that the Internet connection also gets slow and randomly some unwanted activities starts happening in the system. It really makes me irritated as I am not be able to perform any computing task. So can you please let me know that how to remove ExtraBoost ads from my system as soon as possible. Thanks for your help…..

Details of ExtraBoost ads

The ExtraBoost ads is identified as an adware that is specially created for achieving the goal of money making through illegal way. Actually the cyber crooks mind is behind the making of this adware. All around the world it is distributed and affects the Microsoft Windows based computers. The main intention of this adware is to cheat the money from innocent users and for this it will display lots of fake attractive offers, deals and discounts. But make sure you do not have to be a part of this. This is an unsafe program for your computer as its effect will not let the all installed application to work in proper way. It is quite tough to detect this adware as it always changes its behaviors. You would not identify that when and from where it came from because it silently enters into your PC without any notice. This adware is promoting the commercial advertisements ads and bring them on your visited webpage in the form of pop-ups. It usually displays the advertisement according to your search. When this adware gets installed into the system it runs in the background of all the computing operation. This adware will block the all important functions of the computer and also causes improper working of all the installed applications. Your secret informations will be leaked to the online hackres. If you really want to prevent your computer from its effect the immediately remove ExtraBoost ads.

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Easy And Affective Way To Remove Warning: Internet Security Damaged pop-up From PC

Hi there! I’m going through great frustration since my PC is not working well. All time lots of pop-ups named Warning: Internet Security Damaged pop-up is being shown. I actually don’t know what the actual problem is. But, one thing I must say, it tricky and quite annoying. My PC has has become slow and sluggish as compared to before. I’m really fade up of all these things and wanted to get rid of it. Can anyone help me Thanks in advance.


Warning: Internet Security Damaged pop-up has been recently identified as a malicious adware program that by using various shady ways, silently infiltrates into PC. Without wasting the time even for a second, this highly perilous program right after getting settle down, starts executing several malicious tasks on the background. Browser’s settings will be modified and you can’t revert the changes back. You will be presented with red screen on the browser stating that ‘Warning: Internet Security Damaged!’. But, don’t trust on that content since it’s totally unreliable. That pop-ups will also tries to frightens you by telling that some suspicious activities have been found in PC and will leave Security investigators note. Also, they will suggest you to contact their online tech support. It’s notoriously masterful when it comes to fooling you, so don’t go through that because taking their help will arouse lots of other problems. There is also a great chance for personal data leak specially if you perform any of the secret online transaction. Since, they uses cookies and bookmarks also. You may have to suffer from privacy issues or identity theft. Additionally, browsers will start crashing and freezing as it eats up lot of network resources. While having Warning: Internet Security Damaged pop-up, PC performances will be degraded at great extent and you can’t perform even a small task. Various other hazardous programs will get installed into the computer without any human interference.

Message shown by Warning: Internet Security Damaged pop-up


It has been revealed that the Warning: Internet Security Damaged pop-up are related to fake technical support and services. In adition, that generated messages are hosted on the sites like and and will list some of the numbers which undoubtedly operated by cyber crooksresulting some devastating outcomes. Number offered by them are



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Working Removal Guide For ArcadeCookie Ads


Is ArcadeCookie Ads get within your main web browser? Browser randomly get directed to annoying websites? Visited page get filled with pop-up ads and sponsored link? If yes, then your computer get attacked by some hazardous programs. In reality, ArcadeCookie Ads is marked as an adware programs which has the capability to flood your PC screen with all kind of pop-up ads and misleading web content. Once this risky adware programs get inside, your browse won’t responds accordingly. Adware makes several modification on the infected computer system immediately after penetration. Moreover, it brings several quick links to your email, YouTube, Facebook, etc. ArcadeCookie Ads is developed and managed by bad guys for illicit purpose. This malicious programs can track and record your search queries and provide altered search results. That’s why it is recommended to uninstall ArcadeCookie Ads and make use of a trust worthy search provider instead modify browser settings. Your main internet browser settings such as homepage url, new tab option, search providers, DNS, and so on get changed by adware programs.
Popular browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari start showing numerous pop-up ads while browsing web. Displayed adverts seems very legitimate and from reliable source. Some of users who have discovered this adware program on their PC have reported about continuous fall downs in browser speed. Being an adware programs, ArcadeCookie Ads are mostly distributed in a bundle with shareware and freeware. It brings numerous ads with sponsored links, alter your web search results and even monitor your online browsing habits. In case if you downloaded something from these or similar websites, possibility are maximum that your computer get affected by this adware programs. In order to avoid this from happening, always check what kind of attachments the freeware you suppose to install. ArcadeCookie Ads might gather your personal information for various purposes, such as for targeted marketing campaigns that would show more or for market research organization. In such a scenario, we always recommend an automatic removal tool to get rid of ArcadeCookie Ads.


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Remove FreeDownloadmanager TSS – Complete Removal Solution

My PC is not in the proper working situation since due to the attack of FreeDownloadmanager TSS which make me worried about the safety of my computer. It also has disable some of the important program of the PC and i am unable to any operation. I try to remove it with my antivirus but i don’t know why it fails to remove it. I desperately want to remove it from my PC. So if you have any solution then please let me know. Thanks..


Information about FreeDownloadmanager TSS

FreeDownloadmanager TSS is recognized as a dangerous Trojan which can create plenty of troubles on the targeted computer. This malicious program has all the harmful properties which is enough to destroy your computer. The very nasty threat can penetrate into your PC without any notification and your permission. Once activated, it will execute several harmful process that will arise many issues and directly affects the working of the computer. It is designed so that it can make changes into your default system setting to make itself eligible to get start automatically with the starting of the infected computer. This malicious threat can mess-up some of the important system files or change their location. Apart from that it can also drop its malicious files in the system which help it in hiding from the security program. Due to the addition of those corrupted files your computer will become slower and slower as the day past.


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Uninstall Windows Games TSS : Tips To Get rid Of Windows Games TSS

Hi!! Do anyone of you have any idea about Windows Games TSS? As it has enter within my computer and block me further to perform any tasks on to it. Due to which having lots of problems and difficulty in operating on to my computer. It has invaded my PC without my consent. What it is and why it does so, really don’t know? Help me please for the complete removal of Windows Games TSS from my infected computer.


Short Description About Windows Games TSS

Windows Games TSS is an acronym for Tech support scam, the name itself implies that it is just a fake pop up. It aims to enhance your browsing experience by providing you an instant search for your query. It seems to be legitimate at first site as it provides you a different ways of playing and installing games on your Windows system. However this is not the reality behind its display, actually it is just a potentially unwanted programs that promotes the installation of the third party applications. It displays adds under ad banners, pop-up ads and in-text advertisements. This rogue malware is designed by hackers to generate pay per click revenue for their affiliate owner. Windows Games TSS causes redirection issues frequently and redirect you to its own malicious link.

Windows Games TSS is an advertising platform that aims to install unknown toolbars and browser add-ons without your consent. These so-called “Tech Support Scammers” try to trick you into calling their phone number for various reasons, all of which turn out to be fraudulent in the end. This particular one uses a continuously refreshing window to block the user from the use of his system. Now you must be thinking that how did you get it on your system. Some of the possible modes of Windows Games TSS invasion are the piggyback software installation, visiting malicious sites, using infected removal medias, sharing of infected files via P2P mechanism and above all by a browser add-ons.


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Delete Trojan.Notepices easily| 100% Verified Removal Guide

Hi support team! My PC is infected with some kinda trojan virus. I’m facing unexpected troubles while using my PC. The trojan has already destroyed my important files, also corrupted system files. When I scan for missing registry files, it shows more than 1,000 files are missing. Day by day this number is increasing. I believe that the trojan is doing this silently. And the worse thing, last night I checked out my private files and official documents, all of them are stolen/destroyed. I asked to my friends, they said that my PC might be infected with Trojan.Notepices. Though, I just couldn’t afford more loses. I just want to remove Trojan.Notepices completely from my system. Somebody help me, please!!


About Trojan.Notepices

Trojan.Notepices is a severe PC threat that gets installed on your PC through malvertising or compromised websites. It might use the same file name as a legitimate applications to manipulate you into downloading and executing its source code on your PC by mistake. Even it can infect your PC, if you visit a hacked or malicious web page. Trojan.Notepices is primarily designed to obtain remote access to your PC and steal your sensitive data such as private audio, video, photos or other documents. Moreover, it connect to hacker’s C&C (command and control) server to check for latest update and upload the collected data using your internet connection. The Trojan is capable of destroying/modifying which may be stored on local drives, mapped network drive including removable drive.

Furthermore, security experts say that Trojan.Notepices is a very intrusive threat comes bundled with other malware or free games. Since the Trojan can not spread themselves, The attackers use phishing campaigns, Trojanised applications, social media networks, or other social engineering techniques to target your computer immediately.


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SoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader : Two Steps To Get Rid Of It


Define SoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader

SoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader is trojan horse that destroy whole system. This is distributed and developed by cyber crooks and hack all personal data like user name, email ID, password, account number etc. This creates lots of changes in the system setting. It uses many tricks to convince the user to install them on the PC. The threat directly takes the entry in to system to corrupt the files. It can affect almost all browser like IE, Mozilla, Chrome and also inject the Windows operating system including Windows XP/NT/7/8 /8.1 etc. Can create entry of more malicious malware for eg adware, ransomware, Trojan, Suspicious web pages and so on. So it very necessary to remove SoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader from the infected computer

Once SoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader sneak inside the system and does many unwanted activities such as delete or modify your program files. It has very bad habit of stealing user confidential data and transport those stolen data to other web sites. This can change your important document that result in unwanted loss of data. Trojan virus connects you to illegal sites and download the files that are responsible for slow system performance. It is responsible for altering browser settings, system DNS setting and disable system security as well as anti-virus software. To get rid of SoftwareBundler:Win32/ICLoader use automatic removal tool and save your computer from being damage.

Scan Your PC For Free

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How To Delete CompareItApplication ads From PC Effectively

Are you getting CompareItApplication ads continuously while browsing Internet? Are you unable to navigate your own webpage? Looking toward effective solution to remove Ads by CompareItApplication? Well, then read the post below and know : More about CompareItApplication ads. How it infiltrates into your PC? How to get rid of Ads by CompareItApplication completely? Continue Reading….

CompareItApplication ads

CompareItApplication ads is recently identified adware program that silently gets inside your PC and then do lots of unwanted activities. The very adware programs seems to be beneficial as it claim extremely useful to the users especially who enjoy doing online shopping. It enables them to compare various shopping deals and offers helping user to find the best one among them. Many of us respond to it thinking that Ads by CompareItApplication help you to save money on your online purchases but the fact is that once after it gets inside your PC bring lots of issues. CompareItApplication ads target your installed browser and without your prior permission bring changes into its default settings. Replaces your homepage, alters search engine and worsen install many unwanted plugins, toolbar and extensions into your browsers.


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QuadRooter Flaws taken over 900 million Android devices. Are you the one among them?

Recently, researchers have evicted the fact that QuadRooter from the name itself, seems consisting of four vulnerable flaws has affected over the 900 million Android devices which is approx 1 billion of Android users. Well this was the year already raised many of the security related vulnerabilities and this was the prominent one to be noticed. QuadRooter as discovered to be the researchers as the set four flaws linked with the Qualcomm chipsets running on Android devices. With the use of any one of this flaw, the hacker can attack to your android phone very easily by gaining the access to its root. In recent days, it is also noticed that Snapdragon 821 is launched by Qualcomm which is supposed to be ten times more stronger than that of the 820.

QuadRooter Flaws

About Qualcomm

Qualcomm is well known throughout the world for designing LTE Chipsets, explained Check Points and has confirmed for capturing share of 65 % LTE modem baseband space. And recently discovered threat has covered all 900 million android users which is really threatening. Quad router was evicted at the time when Check Point finalized to analyze Qualcomm code in the phones of Android and thus explained senior security researchers about this whole as DEFCON presentation. While researching, it is found that Qualcomm introduced several privilege vulnerabilities to the Android devices in multiple subsystems as per Donenfeld sayings.

Devices that enrolled with this vulnerabilities

There are numerous devices that were the part of this vulnerable activity which were at high risk. As told above, devices running on the the Qualcomm Chipsets were the victims of this threat. Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, HTC M9, HTC 10, LG G5. There must be more devices affected by there threat but as per ow these mentioned models are the confirmed one.

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