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Rate this post falls under the category of browser hijacker which modifies web browser’s default settings. Such malware is found to slither silently into the computer remains undetected via slyness and subtlety so as to wreck the entire system. The more you will allow this hijacker virus to stay on your system, larger the mess it will create. Being a hijacker virus, it can bring a myriad of issues and can be very harmful. can take control over the web browser and makes modifications according to their needs like it changes your browser’s homepage and search engine for easy and redirection of user to their domain.

The basic aim of this threat is to take contraol over the web browsers including all famous browsers such as Google chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, opera and many other. This is done to redirect users over sponsored websites and boost the traffic for its sponsored sites. The developers of this site get financial benefits and commission for promoting the site via a method called pay-per-click which generates revenue on a single click. But this results in messed up online browsing experience and your work station gets exposed all other kind of malwares and viruses.

In fact, is a Russian search engine with a simple interface which contains a search box. Then a menubar at the left side containing some options facilitating user to use the search engine easily. Another feature of this site is that it displays weather report of the current location which you belong to. And there are lot more things present on this page like various type of advertisements which can lure you into clicking the link. As soon as you click on the link you will get redirected to harmful site. The site appears to be useful and legit at first sight but it is not. It does not provide any fruitful stuff.

Penetration Method Of

  • Downloading freeware, shareware and drive-by downloads from unreliable and untrusted site can let this hijacker virus to enter your system.
  • Visiting malicious sites like pornographic, torrents and other suspicious pop-ups can cause to enter your system.
  • Also, on opening spam emails or its attachments received from unknown sender results in malware attack.
  • Updating existing programs or applications from the redirected link.
  • Peer to peer file sharing, playing online games, downloading pirated software and using infected media devices.

Payloads Of Virus

  • When user starts its PC, it modifies the registry entries to launch itself.
  • Redirecting your web page to third party sites.
  • Displays full window banners, traditional in-line text ads under “ Sponsored by”.
  • Collects crucial data like user Id, password, credit card details and bank details.
  • Allows other party programs to be installed on the system.

Common Symptoms Of

  • It inserts malicious code into the executable files to run itself automatically.
  • It modifies default settings of browser like homepage, new tab and search engine.
  • It can override crucial registry entries which can cause permanent damage.
  • consumes almost all the resources of the system making the system performance dull.

Removing From PC

From Google Chrome

  • Click on menu icon and goto Tools option.
  • Click on Extensions tab.
  • Delete from the browser by clicking on the trash icon.

Change The Home Page

  • Click on Menu then Settings option.
  • Click Appearance -> Show Home Button.
  • Here, click Change.
  • Set the URL you wish to keep it as default.

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